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Mobile video setup

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From reading all of the posts regarding video setups, I was wondering if anyone has installed video screens in the the back of thier headrests and done the whole nine yards? I have a blk '02 , touring with navi and am interested in doing something like this. The research that I have done leads me to believe that nothing larger than a 5 inch screen will fit behind the headrests. I am looking to do this kinda of setup with the game console, dvd player, seperate headphones, etc...

Also, can anyone one in the MD/VA/DC area give me a name of a good, clean install shop that can do all of this?

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Possible fitments......

The headrest migh accomodate a 5' monitor as long as a flushmount installation is done, if you use a monitor with the bezel mount the 5' might not fit. The other issue is that the monitors are too exposed to possible theft because it can be seen even through the tint. I originally was going to install an Audiovox 10' flipdown monitor but I realized that if I have it folded down it would block my rear view. I finally came up with a new design that will incorporate 2 Pioneer 8' widesreen monitors one for the left and right right above the are of the front headrests and a PS2 console in between them. This will be mounted in a custom fiberglass housing. The housing will also include the rear tweeters for rear passenger surround sound. It will also house one of the oem front tweeter and 6.5 mids installed right behind the driver's head so the voice navi guidance will be more audible. For what you need I would suggest a 6 inch or 8 inch flipdown monitor. The 6 would be a better choice not to hinder your rear view while driving. I have some websites that have really good deals on such systems right now.
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Try They are based in New Jersey (I know it's a bit of a hike). But I have heard many good things about them. They used to have pictures on their site, but they're updating it now.

I have heard they can do a headrest screen for $850. They were able to put in 8" into a TL headrest by adding their own custom headrest. Supposedly, they also do leather work. I'd give them a call and see what they say.

Just another option...
Headrest Video Solutions

Hi all! New to the group, so if I don't do this right forgive me!

Hey Extreme, I was mentioned you had some websites available for MDX video solutions. I've been searching frantically for just such information. Could you please post or email me the websites?? Thanks in advance!!!

Also, If anyone has done the headrest monitors could you please tell me how it worked out. I'm trying to do a VCR system, but am having a hard time finding a driver accessible place to install the VCR and also the headrest monitors is a big headache too!

Thanks to all.

Some people have placed the players underneath the driver's seat. Another option is to place it in the glove compartment. Many of the players have an extra remote eye cable that you can place at a more accessible place like under the ash tray area. The VCR could be a little bigger than the DVD players out there, so it could be a problem.

Why don't you check out some of the DVD players at:

Reasonably priced...
MDXtrous said:

Why don't you check out some of the DVD players at:

Reasonably priced...
Prices are quite good, selection is fairly decent. Have you purchased from them before? Reliable vendor?

I have not purchased from them yet, but will in the next two or three weeks. Will let everyone know about the vendor at that time.
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