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I would like some help/opinions on what to do with my certain situation. This is done from my phone so sorry for all the horrible grammar and structure. I tried!

I have a 04 MDX touring with 180k. The last 5k have been a nightmare. It started with my one of my valves misfiring. I took it to the shop to be fixed. Now before I go further I am far from an expert on cars. I may misremember some details but the majority of what's coming is all true to the best of recollection.

So my car is in the shop to be fixed and they wreck it. They don't just bump in to it, they go above and beyond, literally. My MDX was on concrete that was a foot or two lower than another slab of concrete. On that slab someone backed into my MDX causing their back end to roll over my hood. I never went to see the carnage. I knew if I did I would lose all cool and blow up on somebody. So they fixed the damage after I signed an insurance check for somewhere around 4K I think.

So the shop fixes it. After a few weeks I'm sitting idle in traffic with the AC on and the car stutters with a little jerk(this is how the first misfiring happened as well). It's misfiring again now. The first time it happened the car was barely able to be driven. This time, it is not as bad. The repair cost was 20% of the first one because damage wasn't done or something, I can't remember, but it still needed to be retimed with the computers.

I get my car and a few weeks later the AC stops working. Shop tells me my compressor went out and I need another one. This is when I first hear them talking about high and low pressure. Again, I know very little but i think this is a key point to my issues. My idle has never been as smooth since the first misfire and when it is in idle it seems I have problems. So they fixed it and I went to pick it up. They had the AC on when i turned it on, and it wasn't working. Their explanation was the seal broke somehow but it's under warranty(I laughed because I didn't move an inch in the MDX.) they took it back in and fixed it.

Another week or two and I'm in traffic idling so I cut AC on. It immediately smells awful. Somethings burning. Then a loud noise under the hood. I cut it off. A minute later I turn it on and it's running fine. So a few weeks later I'm turning on to a road and hit the AC as I'm accelerating around 5-10MPH. The car hesitates, the AC tries to kick on but here comes the smell, and then the noise. I cut it off. Next time I drive I try the AC and it won't work. So that brings us up to date. The car is in the shop now, and they say I need a new condenser. Problem they say is metal got into my lines (or something to that effect, it was the owner, he calls when it's costing money. I was already steaming and could barely hear what he was saying). So they say metal got in my lines for the AC. Something to that nature. The compressor went out but it's still under warranty, but the condenser is a good chunk of change.

So if you made it this far, thank you. My grammar is bad and my story telling may be even worse. But here is the big question...

When they rolled up on top of my MDX and wrecked up my front end, could that have caused the 'metal to get in my AC lines'? Sorry that last part is vague, I will get better clarification later. I'm trying to figure out if I should be questioning the cause of the problem to the wreck they did on my car, and also trying to figure out my problem all together.

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