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Regarding the A/C issue - it IS possible that they correctly diagnosed a bad compressor. Thing is, when a compressor fails internally, it's very likely to spew metal debris into the system, but they should have caught that the first time - or at the very least discussed the possibility with you, and given you the option of going through the considerable expense of trying to clean out the entire A/C system to make sure it didn't have any metal debris inside. The only place metal debris CAN come from is the compressor (it's the only moving part in the whole system - it's not like the inside of your condenser can come apart). So either they missed it the first time, or the replacement compressor is coming apart (unlikely but not impossible if it's a rebuilt compressor, or if it was installed without the proper charge of lubricating oil). So - unless they gave you the option of not cleaning out the entire A/C system during the original repair, I think there's a strong case for you to lay this one at their feet as a warranty. Any competIent A/C shop would have been able to determine if there was the potential for metal debris in the system from the first compressor failure, and/or would stand behind the failure of the second compressor.

I'd recommend having a conversation with the shop...
"Where would metal in my A/C system come from?" If they try to tell you that it could be from anywhere but the compressor, they're lying.

If they DO say it's from the compressor, you say "then you're telling me that the new compressor you put in has failed already - you ARE replacing it under warranty, right?".

If they then say "no, it's from the old compressor", you say "then you're telling me you missed it the first time, and will fix it under warranty, right?".

They diagnosed and repaired the system, and they obviously didn't get it right, or missed something that should have been obvious to any competent A/C shop (not all shops ARE competent, of course)..
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