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Any master acura techs out there that can help?

Got 2003 mdx, 200,000+ miles
Misfire in every cylinder code.
After Clear codes and drives perfectly fine.
Shows no counts of misfire under data list while driving, idling, etc.
Does not throw codes again.
Has good plugs, coils, new injectors, valve adjustment done, EGR replaced, ports cleaned, fuel psi normal, known good fuel replaced, even has a new PCM, drove 30+miles no misfire, no codes, nothing.

Next morning first start up, slight stumble, CEL flashes, then stays on. Codes checked are misfire every cylinder again. Then after clearing codes, drives perfectly normal no loss of performance, 30+miles does not code again.

Compression checked,
1- 160
2- 200
3- 205
4- 180
5- 200
6- 205

Leakdown tested:
1- 10%
2- 12%
4- 30%
5- 12%
6- 13%

Next morning first start up, again stumbles slightly CEL flashes, CEL stays on, codes are misfire every cylinder again. Then drives normal aftewards.
Freeze data showed
7 counts misfire #5 cylinder
2 counts in all other cylinders
Again driving it warmed up shows zero counts misfire does not code again.

One thing I noticed is: fuel psi shutting car off is at 68psi
Next morning: fuel psi now at 34psi still car off never touching it.

any feedback??
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