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Might buy 2013 Advanced. Questions to ask current owner

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I'm considering buying a 2013 Advanced with 95k mi that has been maintained extremely well by dealership for $14k. Any maintenance related questions I should be asking about and anything I should look out for in the carfax or when test driving?

The only red flag I can see is that timing belt/water pump hasn't been done. The owner says he's had no issues with oil consumption. Any other pricey maintenance items besides the timing belt/water pump that I'm overlooking?

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Might buy 2013 Advanced
Don't. Get a low mileage 2009 instead.
Don't. Get a low mileage 2009 instead.
Why is that? 10 years old is about as old as I want to go
Smart to ask questions first. My initial reaction was to coin up a little more for a 2014 or 2015, but in doing a very quick search (here in SoCal), 14-15s still go for around $20K (those around 100K).

Sounds like you're aware of the oil consumption and you know the timing belt / water pump will be right around the corner. Shocks/struts on the 2013 Advance can get pricey, but you probably have more time with less than 100K miles.

That price is pretty good in this market (with that mileage).
Check out this thread and Post #2. It has a list of potential issues for the entire 07-13 2nd Gen MDX. I was very lucky with my 11 MDX Adv+Ent with very few out pocket issues and my oil consumption was limited to 1.5 qts per 9000 mile oil change interval. I just sold my 11 MDX with +155,000 miles earlier this year to my nephew for $11,000. I did have issues with both front/rear magnetic strut/shock needing to replaced (under warranty), both front seat heaters replaced (under warranty), replaced Drv 1 key fob because of low range (warranty), stuck 2nd row cup holder replaced (warranty).

I would download the owner's manual for the MDX to become familiar with the tech and features. Some owner's replace the magnetic struts/shocks with regular and disable the warning. You should feel a big difference between Comfort or Sport ADS mode over low speed bumps and curves if the system is still active. It can cost $500-$700 per corner to replace the magnetic struts/shocks at a minimal IF you can find the OEM parts.

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Why is that? 10 years old is about as old as I want to go
Oil consumption issue is a ticking bomb. You're saying the car is close to 100, which is where I would expect the issue to start presenting itself. Not worth the risk as the repair is astronomical.
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