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Hi all,

Just purchased a ’12 MDX Advance, black on black. No RSE. Vehicle is completely stock, but that will certainly change over time. I know there is a performance J-pipe that adds 12-15awhp, and probably CAI or SRI kits available. However, the first thing I’ll be doing is swapping out the stock projectors and replacing them with a 4TL-R or RX350 w/ STi-R (if I can get it to fit, love the RX350 beam profile). I’ve done a pretty wicked shield mod on a low beam projector before (and a Mini H1 retro), but I’d rather just do a D2S bixenon with a curved shield. I’ve also been spending some time on the ground eyeballing the fog/DRL assemblies, trying to figure out if a Morimoto Matchbox will fit in there. I don’t think they’d fit in the fogs without a lot of cutting, but there might be more room in the DRL. That could be an interesting swap. Not going to run quads on the top…never liked the spider look.
I also need to figure out what to do about the two holes in the front bumper. Carmax put that stupid license plate holder on the front and ran the screws directly into the plastic. Really wish they wouldn't do that.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello. I’m in the middle Tennessee area and really hoping we get some snow at least once this winter. The MDX is my first 4WD vehicle.


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