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Michelin Cross Climate 2

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I just replaced my OEM Continentals with Michelin Cross Climate 2’s.
Chicago to DC and back yielded good mpg ( 24 mpg at 85mph, 27 mpg at 70 mph).
The ride is noticeably smoother as as well as controlled.
As a bonus, the tires have a pleasingly aggressive look.
I highly recommend the tires .
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I have it on my 1st GEN MDX. It performs very well. One thing to note, it is directional tire, so you shouldn't rotate the tire to opposite side unless unmount/remount. (and make sure you have a non-directional spare/donut tire)
Just got my Michelin Defender2s today, the OEM Continental CrossContact LX Sport were disappointing. Night and day difference in ride quality.
Tirerack survey link to show how low the OEMs rate.
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