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Metro Acura (Southern Cal)

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I give Metro Acura a 10. I delt with Chuck Hershey.

Here's the basics:
- They sell at MSRP.
- No forced options. (I got my 188 without anything!)
- No deposites! (All they ask is that you FAX in a credit application. Which they don't even run.)
- They will order your vehicle. (You will still have to wait.)

If you are living in Southern California, I don't see how you can get a better deal than with Metro Acura. Period.

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We have dealers up here in the Bay Area that offer the same, but what's the 'wait time' now down there?
The credit app makes sense, of course they don't run it, it costs some bucks.
Since we have these long delivery delays,
I don't see where the deposit means much any more
It used to be you left a deposit with a dealer because you wanted a special order.. but heck, they are all special orders!
I'll have to also give Metro Acura a 10. I have dealt with Tom there. I was also able to order my MDX with a phone call and faxing my credit app. Did not have to wait long as I had called right after someone else cancelled their order.

As a bonus, it turns out Tom lives 2 miles from me, and even gave me a ride to pick up my MDX when it was ready (they are about 30 minutes from my house).
I have an order with Chuck also. He is extremely pleasant to work with and goes out of his way to help you. For instance, he was scheduled to get off work early on the day my MDX was suppose to arrive, but he waited around for two hours just in case it came in. Which it didn't of course.

The only issue is that they were going to require me to purchase a protection package for $370 which included rear mud guards, wheel locks, and wheel fender trim (not fender flares). They allowed me to substitute with some other options however (with prices just about double :( that of Tim's ). So I got the roof rack ($299 installed) and the mud guards ($99 installed).

I've been waiting for almost 5 months total, but only 1.5 at Metro Acura. They tried to rape me over at Acura of Riverside to the tune of $3000 over MSRP after I waited 4 months! They still have my SS 182 on their stock list the last time I checked, one of six they have on hand according to their website. Yes, their salesmen are slimy lying bastards but I hear the real A-hole behind the scene is the owner.

Go with Metro, you won't be sorry. By the way any one know what the situation is there with the loaner cars. Easy to get? Hard to get?
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Metro did want me to get their protection package (rear mud guards, wheel locks, and wheel fender trim (not fender flares)). I wanted the mud guards and wheel locks anyway, and I did not care for the fender trim, which was black molding that goes along the fenders, so the said ok.

I had to leave my car there when I had an engine oil leak. They have a rental place they use (I cant remember if it was Enterprise or Hertz), but they come to you at the dealer, and you just leave the car there when you are through. I dont know if they ever give you one of their cars as a loaner or not.
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