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MDX's First Oil Change is due when...?

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I've read some MDX owners have change their oil at around 3000-3500 miles. The manual's scheduled first oil change is not until 7500 miles-I guess due to the "break-in additive" in the engine oil for brand new MDX. When is the RIGHT time/mileage to schedule first oil change and is Synthetic oil recommended? Anybody knows? Thanks in advance.
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Do it at 3750 miles.

The 7000 miles is for those who don't drive the vehicule
very much, are above 60 and wear a hat on sundays...

Acura4Life :)

I got my digital camera for Christmas. As soon as I
have time to clean the truck, some pictures will be
taken and posted here!
For those of us living in Canada, we are considered using the car in severe conditions. So the 3750 miles applies then.

For those living south (no winter) you are considered driving it in regular conditions and waiting 7500 miles
for an oil change is just fine.
colj : Of course you don't wear a hat, you're a Junior member ;-)))

Sorry if I offend anyone with my comments. Take it with a bit of humour and you should be fine.
1 - 4 of 35 Posts
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