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MDX's First Oil Change is due when...?

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I've read some MDX owners have change their oil at around 3000-3500 miles. The manual's scheduled first oil change is not until 7500 miles-I guess due to the "break-in additive" in the engine oil for brand new MDX. When is the RIGHT time/mileage to schedule first oil change and is Synthetic oil recommended? Anybody knows? Thanks in advance.
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sorry guys, but i have to disagree!

being a proud owner of an S2000, honda also setup a maintenance schedule NOT to change the oil for the first 7500mi. their additive is specifically made to lubricate and protect the engine and componentry.

who am i to question the superb honda engineers that developed such fine automobiles like the S2000, NSX, and now the MDX?! if you don't believe me, ask the hundreds of other S2000 owners at


i'm aware of the olden days of 'severe' use, or 'city driving v. highway driving'. but remember, the s2000 has a red line of 8900rpm, and i'm sure 99% of the s2000 owners see the tach rise to the limit after the breakin 600mi. but still, honda recommends the 1st oil change at 7500mi...regardless of the climate or driving style.

like i said before, doesn't that mean something? my S2K has been my daily driver lately, and i regularly see 7k-8k rpm everyday--and i did my first oil change at 7600mi. no harm to my little engine. and i've currently got 17.5k miles on her, and 4500mi on the MDX. so, i definitely don't 'baby' any of my cars. they were meant for driving HARD.

still waiting for the 1st oil change....
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