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MDX's First Oil Change is due when...?

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I've read some MDX owners have change their oil at around 3000-3500 miles. The manual's scheduled first oil change is not until 7500 miles-I guess due to the "break-in additive" in the engine oil for brand new MDX. When is the RIGHT time/mileage to schedule first oil change and is Synthetic oil recommended? Anybody knows? Thanks in advance.
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If Honda Engineers says 7500....

Thanks all!
Doom: I think what your saying make sense that on severe conditions do it at 3750 and on normal conditions(specially here in California) 7500 should be it.
s2k00L: I totally agree, I will trust what the Honda engineers recommend (7500), afterall they've tested and engineered this car for about 4 yrs and they know what's the appropriate maintenance.
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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