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MDX's Available in NYC supposedly....

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I went by a dealer today to discuss purchasing a MDX (Paragon Acura in Queens). While I am not planning on purchasing until the next MY, I was told a GG would be available in a day if I wanted. Wow...So much for a wait, huh? I don't know about what the price would be tho. Didn't bother asking. :D I'm going in for a test drive next week and hopefully will start the process of buying it soon. =) So exciting. =P
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P L E A S E read various posts discussing Paragon Acura dealership before you sign anything with them. Otherwise your MDX may come with an unexpected load of slime!!! Everything I read about them as well as my personal experience with Paragon make me believe that they are really bad. (see dealer ratings as well as search for posts with "Paragon" as keyword)

I lucked out at Acura of Brooklyn (ordered 10/2000, got it 01/2001). By now, based on reviews, they also crossed over to the Dark side. :(

Good luck.

P.S. If you can get that GG today for MSRP (or less :D), grab it, it may actually be cheaper than waiting till May.
Sorry, quick correction - your "next MY" I interpreted as "May" - disregard my last comment.
I agree with vip9. Check the dealer ratings. It makes a big difference. I got an MSRP quote from Westchester. Even though I didn't buy it from there, (a dealer in Philly had it first for MSRP), they were very courteous to me, even after I told them I wasn't buying it from the anymore. They also only took a refundable $200 for a deposit.

Speak with Chris and tell him Daniel Chen referred you.
Thanks all you guys. :) I'll check out all the ratings and give my business to the best dealer. I'll be sure to go to all of them in person as well to feel them out. I'll keep you all updated. ;)
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