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MDX with Nav - Lease deals?

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Hi all,

Now that I have a Feb 9-12 build date I'm going to start looking for a nice lease deal. I checked out and the best deal there is a 51 month lease but that exceeds the warranty but here are the details for the 48 month lease.

Term: 48 Months Lending Source: Lease Option A
Mileage Allowance: 48,000 total miles Current Retail: $37,180
Residual Value: $19,705 Purchase Price: $37,180
Money Factor: 0.00234 Cap Cost Reduction: $0
Mileage Penalty: $0.18 per mile Payment: $513
Gap Insurance: Included Security Deposit: $0
Acquisition Fee: Included
Purchase Option: $20,055 Total Due at Signing: $513 + tax & license

This is pretty much what I can afford although I wouldn't mind a lower payment as CT has property tax every year which will inflate that number. Has anyone else found a better deal? Does Honda offer a better lease?

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I'm paying $585 per month for a touring/Navi. 39 month lease, zero down, 6% NJ tax included, 12K miles per year through AHFC. Out of pocket fees were first payment, security deposit, and doc/registration fees. This was about a year ago. If you add tax to your payment it comes out to about $540. With a longer term and a $2K less expensive vehicle the quote seems a bit high compared to what I paid. Although, current market conditions are tougher than when I got mine last year. One word of caution about AHFC. They're one of the few companies that don't allow a lease to be transferred and they don't allow early buy outs.
Your lease sounds pretty good to me. I'll definitely see what AHFC offers me. My salesman said that they didn't really offer great rates and that the Nav system is not residualized. I think I saw some posts here that said that it was residualized.
Nav system is definitely residualized

The nav system is definitely residualized. Simple as that.

It does have a slightly different factor applied to it. For example, the residual of a base or touring for 3yrs/45k miles is roughly 58% of msrp. The residual for a touring navi or base/navi for the same term may be about 1% less than a non navi version.

This is to account for the fact the that Nav system will depreciate slightly faster than the rest of the car, due to the fact that it is an electronic component, and will evolve....

The only other things that are included in the residual are running boards or side steps, and the towing package.
Acura of Ocean

Try calling Acura of Ocean at 732 776 5200. From what I understand they specilize in leasing. They have a 188 silver which is with Tour/Navi in stock as of yesterday.
Ask for Peter, he is who I have been talking to & tell him that Adam Samy reffered you to him for what its worth. Let us know how it turns out if you speak to him.

I'd call Acura of Ocean but I already have the build dates for my SS with Nav at Acura of Milford and I wouldn't want to cancel this order so close to the delivery date. What I think I will do is call the finance guy there when I get the vin number and ask him what the current rates are so that at least I know what the dealership will offer before I get there.
Got First Quote

Well, I received a first leae quote from my dealership and they were about $110 more per month than what I found on I told them that I could get much better rates so the sales manager is going to tell the business manager about it. I hope they can match the rates that I got but if not I guess I will have to outside.

I didn't get the supporting details but a 3 yr- 45K mile is way too high at $677+tax!
BarryH said:
One word of caution about AHFC. They're one of the few companies that don't allow a lease to be transferred and they don't allow early buy outs.
Not true, you can purchase the MDX at anytime from AHFC at their price.... Not sure about transferring lease but im sure they'll do that if you make it clear you have no other option(ie. bankrupt) and there's a willing and creditworthy party involved...

As a point of comparison, I have a 36 month lease on a 2001 MDX Base, 12k a year, 540/month including FL tax, 0 down and 1900 upfront which included all options, first month payment, dealer charge etc.... got the car last july....
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