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MDX will be introduced to the Japanese Market in August....

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This could be good news for us looking to tune the MDX. The Honda Motherland should come up with tons of upgrades and aftermarket parts for the MDX I hope. This is one I will try to get updates on. This little tidbit is straight from Temple of Vtec website under the heading " Upcoming JDM Models".
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Hopefully it will retain the "MDX" name over there, lest we have to hear from the trolls what they are constantly pointing out relative to the Lexus RX300 (e.g. "In Japan, they sell the RX 300 as a Toyota :rolleyes: Harrier") I suspect it will keep "MDX", but be sold as a "Honda". This will surely please the trolls who still hold on the false belief that the MDX being a Honda is somehow a bad thing :p The fact that the MDX is a Honda is one of the primary reasons I wanted it, and one of the primary reasons the automotive press loves it as well :)
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