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If you're looking at AWD wagons, please don't overlook the Subaru Outback LL Bean or Outback VDC, or the Volkswagon Passat 4motion wagons.

The high-end Subarus have nice interiors at a price significantly lower than a Volvo AWD wagon, though they're somewhat smaller inside. The VDC has Subaru's implementation of stability control and can be bought not far above invoice nowadays. Should be much more reliable in the long run than the Saab and the Volvo.

The VW wagon has Audi's excellent quattro system in it, lacking only stability control (which Audi has now begun to add to U.S. models). While not as luxurious as an Audi's interior, the VW's interior is very good. Could use a bit more power, but at least there's no turbo in it (only comes with the V6). Reliability is probably going to be average on it.
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