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MDX vs. 1986 Caprice

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My 3 week old MDX was rear ended last night by an old Chevy. The impact was about 25-30 MPH. The front of the Chevy was heavily damaged and the MDX sustained bumper, Hatch, and undercarraige damage. Apparently the MDX came out on top but there is probably substantial hidden damage.
I would imagine that it will take longer to get replacement parts and repair than it did to take delivery ( 1 month ). I doubt that I will get an MDX as a loaner!
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Sorry to hear about your misfortune. I have to admit that I chuckled when I read your post, as I thought you were making a funny comparison posting -- ie: MDX vs ML320, MDX vs X5, etc.

Best of luck with the repairs -- let us know how it goes...
2002 MDX v. 2001 Volvo

I can certainly sympathize. On December 4, my seven-day-old, 300 mile MDX with touring and nav. was rearended by a teenager driving a 2001 Volvo, driving about 35mph. Extensive sheetmetal damage to the rear fender area on the passenger side, but the bodyshop assures me the car will be as good as new by the second week of January. Hopefully, that will be the case, although I will have my dealer carefully check over the car once repairs are completed.
Re: sorry

davegood said:
I chuckled when I read your post, as I thought you were making a funny comparison posting -- ie: MDX vs ML320, MDX vs X5, etc.
:p I was looking forward to another comparo thread as well, along the lines of my MDX v. Hummer ( ). Sorry to hear of your wreck jmk, hope everyone is okay. If you happen to have any pics, I'd be curious to see how the MDX held up. Hopefully you can get it fixed fast. Someone got rearended by a dump truck a while back, but I can't remember how long it took them to get it fixed. Or maybe it was totalled? I can't remember.
I'll post some pictures before I send it off for repair. You'll be surprised at how well the MDX took the impact ( better than my wife did ). Hopefully both will be back to "Normal" before too long!

What part of San Diego are you from. Am also from San Diego. 2001 Black on Ebony Touring.

Bummer to hear bout your accident. For some reason....Once a car has been in a Fender...It is NEVEr the same...Maybe its just me...But knowing that someone had rear end me would be sticking in my mind ALL the time.

There is a GREAT place that fix Acura in Encinitas called Fender Mender. I heard they do excellent work. Check them out.

MDX vs. Durango


I'm feeling your pain right now. I have been just rear ended today to my 7 week old MDX.:mad: The damage is a lot less than yours but still I'm very upset. The collision was probably less than 10mph and the bumper took it very well. Got away with only some small indentation mark and paint damage to my bumper. Durango didn't do too well. The front bumper was indented significantly. Probably Durango's bumber needs to be replace. So I'm quite satisfied with the MDX's performace with the rear bumper.
This is my third time that I got rear ended over all. I'm sure many of you got rear ended and it is not fun at all.
Sorry to hear about all these rear-endings.

Is there a trend here? Looks like these folks keep staring at the majesty of 'X and just run into it. Maybe the 'X needs something to not catch their attention.
trailer hitch

I had a trailer hitch on my old villager and on my MDX and it is great for fender benders. Although if the rear ender is a dump truck or traveling at 30mph then your still screwed. The hitch is great when leaving the MDX parallel parked. So many drivers can't parallel. When I come back after being parked for some time instead of having my rear bumper all scratched up I just wipe the paint off the hitch. I've had a couple fender bender were my hitch went though the bumper of a corolla and a jimmy. I need a hitch for the front and I'm all set.
There is a "hitch" for the front.... Get one of those metal brush gaurds. I know Manik makes one. I was considering, but the place I bought the Manik Bars from wanted $350 for it and I didn't have the cash. (They are a wholesaler and only take cash) I may go back after the Holodays and grab it.

Although you have now made it so I need to get a rear hitch too! Never thought it could save the back bumper so much.
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