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MDX Totaled

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Roger, can you offer any more details on the wreck? Looks like the tree may have come into contact with the right front portion of the roof just in front of the sunroof. Maybe the force of the initial impact caused the rear of the 'X to lift and bring the right front portion of the roof into contact with the tree :confused: Also, do you think he was really doing just 55 mph or is it possible that the driver deliberately underestimated the speed of the crash in order to keep from getting in trouble with the police and his insurance company? Is 55mph the speed limit of the road where he wrecked? If so, my guess is he was probably doing more like 60-70 mph and doesn't want to admit to speeding. I'm not an accident investigator, but the damage looks a bit worse than I would have expected for 55mph. I myself (and seemingly everyone else on the road) usually drive at least 5-15 mph over whatever the posted limit is, but if I ever got in a wreck or pulleed over I would never admit to doing more than the posted limit. Of course the important thing is that the guy was able to walk away.
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RGWomack said:
I'll try to get the details tomorrow, from what understood (second hand) the tree just fell right in front of him and he hit it across the front. The other damage to the top and rear would be by the limbs. I may have told you more than I know so I'll get the details and report back.
Thanks, knowing that the tree was in the road makes the damage make a lot more sense.
Yikes, I was on pins and needles reading your account of the accident, great to hear you're okay. Hopefully those pics will be the last pics of a wrecked MDX we see for a long, long time.
1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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