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The link is from the Tribune, and they expire fast:

The relavent info is WAY down at the end -- I've copied it here:

Luxury SUV
Lexus RX300 2,967 -8
BMW X5 1,520 +142
Acura MDX 1,460 0
MercedesML-Class 1,252 -13
Infiniti QX4 824 -13

Note that only the MDX & X5 show INCREASED year over year sales. These numbers are through September 2001, so MDX was 'new' and had an uncalcuable percentage increase.

I'll bet that all the Lexus & MB dealers know EXACTLY where the increases came from.

As the list includes the Top 5 in each category you will note that NO Volvo's show up, perhaps partially explaining why I think that, at least in Chicago, the XC90 will NOT force Acura to compete.

Who wants to bet that MDX takes the top spot?
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