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MDX surges when stopped.

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When I am idling at a stoplight, once in a while, I will feel a slight surge forward, like someone has tapped me from behind. Any ideas on what this could be? I sense it is engine related..

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Do you have your A/C on. If so it could be the compressor cycling on and off.
I agree, when the A/C cycles (and it runs with heat, too) the idle advances slightly to make up the extra load of the compressor. Keep your foot on the brakes!
Surging while ideling

This Am after starting my 2002 MDX. While it was idling in park the engine would surge up and down between 1800 rpm and 600 rpm. If I would shift into gear it was OK.The temperature outside was around 15 degrees. Any ideas as to what is causing it?
mine did something similar took it to dealer they swapped egr valve out. it was idling eratic only when stopped at light or in parking
Idle Air Control Valve? That's what happened when mine went.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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