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MDX s. Volovo Cross Country

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I am deciding between an MDX and a Volvo Cross Country.
Any input would be greatly appreciated.
In Canada, they are about the same price.
Also, the dealer has One new 2001 available and one new2002 available.
Is there a big difference between the two model years? or will it be a question of price?

Thanks very much
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You might want to search this site for threads regarding 2002 vs. 2001. Many subjects you asked about are covered in that area.


The short answer is that the 2002 MDX changes are essentially cosmetic or (allegedly) for wind noise reduction. For instance, the roof rack has been repositioned slightly, the outside mirrors are more square, windshield glass is thicker--nothing you'd notice offhand.

Pricing for 2002 (depending on the MDX model you choose) in U.S.$ is a small percentage above 2001. Not a big deal. Unless you're getting a big price break on the 2001, I'd opt for gaining a model year and get the 2002.

Regarding the Cross Country, I'll have to defer to those members who compared. We're unloading our '94 Volvo 850 turbo wagon for the MDX, and anticipate a much less expensive ownership experience with the Acura.

Good luck.

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Steve: I own both a 2001 MDX (that I drive) and a 2001 Volvo Cross Country (that my wife drives). Both very nice cars, but we have had some annoying problems with the Volvo that would make me recommend the MDX.

We have had the Volvo back for numerous minor annoying problems: seat belts that don't retract or don't pull out, windows that squeak; sunroof stopped working; cupholders that don't open or don't close; things like that. The keyless entry system has had to be replaced several times. No problems at all with the drive train or other major systems in the car.

I have had no warranty repairs on the MDX at all except for a minor adjustment to the gas tank door when it didn't pop open the first time you pulled the switch. Everything else has been perfect. The car is rock solid.

I have only one complaint about the MDX -- Am I the only person who can't find a comfortable place to put his left foot when driving!!???.

One thing I would note, however. The Volvo probably has more comfortable seating in the front seats for a tall person. (I'm 6'1. My wife is 5'4" tall and has problems seeing around the head restraints. We also like the auto/shift feature on the Volvo transmission. Wish the MDX had that.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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