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MDXers, the following is occurring on a 2008 Acura MDX with Tech and Entertainment, with 132,000 miles

The Radio/CD/DVD unit (which appears to be acting as a single unit) powers up/turns on fully only after the car has been running for some time, and often a long time, like 30 minutes. Once on, it functions perfectly and consistently until the car is turned off again. Interestingly, the clock does not advance (time shows but remains the same) until the unit turns on, so it often is wrong. Navigation is not affected/works great always. Because it turns on after a while, it doesn't appear to be a physical connection issue, despite that being my first assumption. Any insight into what may be at play here? Is there a hard drive that is booting or something along those lines? Here's more detail for those intrigued.

Although this has been happening for several months, it is getting slower, so I took time to document exactly what is happening. The test details:

I turned on the car after it had been sitting unused for half a day. The car ran (idling in my driveway) for 28 minutes before the Radio/CD/DVD unit began to function. BUT, prior to that happening at the 28 minute mark, two lights on the unit powered up briefly (for approximately 5 seconds each time) a few times, and the time between instances shortened until the unit as a whole turned on at 28 minutes. Specifically, two lights would power up briefly; the horizontal green light above the CD entry point and green light on the Front Source button. When they turn on briefly (for approximately 5 seconds each time) the clock also updates to the correct, current time, and then holds that time until the next time the unit lights turn on.

During the 28 minutes, the two green lights turned on briefly first after 8 minutes, then again at the 12 minute mark, 14 minute mark and then every few minutes until the unit as as a whole turned on fully at 28 minutes. The radio, CD player and DVD player all worked well at that time. After testing, I turned off the car and went inside for dinner.

I came back out 30 minutes later and repeated the process which mirrored the first except that the entire process took about 10 minutes (versus 28) for the unit to begin functioning fully, again with a few brief green light appearances first.

The dealer suggests that I replace the entire unit at a cost of between $2,000 to $3,000. That doesn't fit in our budget, so I am hopeful that the collective wisdom out there can help us out. Your thoughts are much appreciated. Thanks!

Joe, Christina and family
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