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MDX price in canada?

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hi i was wondering the price of an MDX since i am SUV shopping
in candian currency with the taxes...
also i wanted to put a playstation 2 and dvd player in there is taht possible?
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I think it came out to about $55,000 Canadian - no additional accessories.
Re: Got One in Toronto (AKA Center of the Universe)

Superdave, isn't MSRP 47,500? Which dealership in TO?

superdave said:
The MSRP in Toronto is $48,000 +Frieght + A/C Tax + Gas Guzzler Tax + Admin Fee + General Stupid Tax + People Stupid Tax. I also picked up a 6/160k extended bumper to bumper for $1778. HTH
No, mine was 2001, and you're right, it was $47,000 back then.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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