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MDX in San Juan, PR

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I believe that my time has arrived to start posting. I’ve been a member since March, 2001 but I’ve never posted a message since I barely have enough time to visit this excellent site more often and when I do visit it, I just read a few threads to keep me up to date. :( Anyway, this is my story: I’m an Industrial Engineer, male, turning 40 years old on Sept 12, married with 2 children and born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Anyone may have heard from this Island in the Caribbean if you know something about Tito Trinidad in boxing, Denise Quinones as 2001 Miss Universe or Ricky Martin who likes to have an MDX in his videos instead of a Ferrari or Lamborghini although he can probably afford to have a collection of both. :D
I have owned my MDX since March 10, 2001 and I didn’t have to wait a single day to get it. As a matter of fact, there are 2 main Acura/Honda Dealers in the Island and you can go to either one on any day and pick from several available colors and models and leave the dealer as a happy owner of the best SUV in the market. The Dealer where I bought mine still requested a deposit of $300 in order to reserve the one that I chose while I sold my previous car (a ’94 Camaro Z28). But I do have to admit that, compared to the States, the MDX is being sold here in PR at a very high price due to the duty charges established for imported cars to the Island and for sure this is the reason why the MDX is in stock at any dealer in the Island. I paid for my Touring with rear mudguards, side steps and sunroof visor $49,500. :eek: I didn’t even considered the navigational system option because you don’t need it in an island with a size of 100 by 35 miles and also this option was not available in PR. Although the dealer supposedly did not charge me extra for the accessories (yeah, right!), the price seems to be very high but when you consider that in PR the BMW’s X5 starts at $60K and Lexus RX300 starts at $45K, you don’t think twice about it. I also considered buying the MDX in the States and shipping it to PR but when I started hearing the waiting stories from buyers living in the states, I realized that I didn’t have another choice.
I must mention that, besides the high price I had to pay for my MDX, my personal experience with the dealer was excellent. The dealer name is Acura de Puerto Rico, which is a subsidiary of Bella International that sells Honda cars, motorcycles and personal watercrafts. The salesperson, whose name is Gustavo Bernard, that sold me the MDX was very polite, respectful and knowledgeable about the Acura cars and SUV. It is not that I didn’t do my homework before visiting them by searching and reviewing more than 20 main car review sites in Internet, but I have to admit that he was very assertive in answering all my questions. Gustavo didn’t try to sell me anything I didn’t asked for and we even completed the deal as good friends. By the way, he registered his 1-year-old son in my wife’s day care business (for any Puerto Ricans reading this, its name is Peek-A-Boo Daycare, 787-774-1299). :D I have already talked to him about this site in order for him to take advantage of all the topics covered here but I’m not sure if he is a member yet. The other experience I can talk about is that of the dealer’s maintenance shop. Again, so far it has been excellent. There was quick and polite attention when I arrived for the first 3K mile checkup. The facilities were very clean and well maintained and they even offered me a ride to my home if I didn’t wanted to wait for the service to be completed. After a 15 minute wait, my MDX was ready and to my surprise, it was also washed. I asked how much I needed to pay and they told me not to worry since I was going to receive by mail any applicable charges. One week later I received the service record sheet and everything was made at no charge (even the washing). I wonder if that’s why the MDX cost so much in Puerto Rico. Anyhow, so far I am fully enjoying my experience with the MDX and problems like the weeping mirrors feel insignificant when compared to the peace of mind you get from a well engineered SUV and the service that supports it. One last thing, here in Puerto Rico we still don’t have the option of choosing license plates. Since the format is a 3 letters plus 3 digits combination, I got mine to read EGG-938. My later red Camaro read BUD-796, it is just a coincidence that I’m a beer lover. Since I now own a 50K egg, I would like to have an avatar of an egg with wheels. I’m searching but any suggestions are welcomed. :cool:
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Tito MDX - Sounds like you are one happy MDX customer. It's nice to know that there is at least one Acura dealer out there that actually cares about the customer (guess the $9,000 variance can assist with this customer focus).

I actually visit Puerto Rico every other month and have yet to see an MDX on the highways (so much for "Defeat Winter"). I usually travel around the island quite a bit but mostly travel the route 26 and route 52 route from San Juan to points south. Everytime I am driving in PR, I wish I was driving my MDX, expecially since it is customary to drive on the medians as well as the shoulders when traffic starts to back-up. It would be great to hit the old VTM and boogy on thru.

Since you have had such great service with Acura de Puerto Rico, I wonder if US Air would allow me to take my MDX on board as carry-on luggage and drop off in San Juan for servicing? I will have to watch for you during my next visit (probaly in late September).

Best of luck with your MDX and hope that you have continued great service with your dealer.

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Welcome to! Glad to have you hear, and it's great hearing from someone in Puerto Rico. I've missed the Puerto Rican community in New York (moved out almost seven years ago) though I still stay in touch with my friends.

Sorry for my late answer but I don't have the time I'd wish to get in more often. I'm glad to know that some members of this site do come to PR and have some chance of enjoying the enchantments of this small Caribbean Island. Regarding your desire to have an MDX when you come to PR, I verified with Bella Rental and they do not have the MDX yet for short term rental but they do rent the Acura TL. They told me that the MDX is still a hot item at Acura dealerships in PR but they will try to have it available for rent as soon as demand drops. This means that probably they'll never have it for rent but at least there is hope. ;)

I see that you are from Pennsylvania so this means that you are probably a Penn State football fan. I became one since my younger brother graduated from Penn State on '86 and we still meet to see the games.

I'll keep you posted on the possibility of MDX rental in PR.

Saludos, Tito MDX
Welcome to the group ...

... and good luck with your SUV.

As far as Navi is concerned I'm not even sure the island is covered? I know our Canadian neighbors are not. Since coverage is an easy fix (just DVD software) hopefully coverage will not only expand but infill for everyone.
Tito MDX,

Welcome to the board. Thanks for a great post. Just out of curiosity, can you tell me a little more about PR? I've been meaning to visit PR. Is it an expensive place to visit/vacation? Flights, hotels, etc.? How's the scuba diving?

Hello Tito;

I just got back from Tortola and Virgin Gorda.

Someone on Tortola is running a Touring with gold/flares/wood/steps. I wonder if they got it in San Juan or from the US?

Definitely no Nav! Tortola is probably one tenth the size of PR, no? Seems like massive overkill, but I'd not be surprised if someone has a Hummer there. Afterall, if you can afford a yacht, with a chopper on the back deck of the boat... Lots of toys abound.


I'm glad to serve as an information host for you and I'll to be as informative as I can. Puerto Rico is a great place to visit specially if you like good beaches, good dinning, casinos, watersports and have a lot of money. As you may probably know, the island is a commonwealth of the USA which is a political status that very few countries have in common around the world. PR uses the same currency as the USA which means that there is currency devaluation as other countries have. Anyway, this is a long story and you may find more acurate information on other internet sites ( and Regarding scuba diving, there are plenty of places to do it. I used to practice the sport long time ago (before getting married) and I used to go most of the time to the northwest and east side of the Island. In the northwest there are excellent spots for cave diving and pier diving while on the east coast there are a lot of reefs and small islands that are excellent for scuba diving. You can charter a boat also if you want to. The best time of the year for scuba diving is between March and August but you must watch out for hurricanes during this time of the year. I can get you more information if you want and send it to your email.


Probably the MDX you saw in Tortola came in the front deck of that yacht you saw with the chopper in the back deck. :D

Saludos, Tito
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saludos tito, good to hear from another puerto rican on this site... i thought i was the only one... im sure you're as happy with the car as I am.... i hope to make my pilgramage soon(fully puerto rican but have never been to the island :eek: ) especially now that I live in Miami.... best of luck and welcome to the site.....
Saludos Tito from another Tito. I just got back from a 2 week vacation in Ponce, visiting my relatives (I relocated to Ohio 8 years ago). I also spend a few days in San Juan visiting some friends. Among other things , trying to forget about my SS baby in the body shop after a significant accident.
Anyways, I was trying to see a MDX and didn't even see one. I saw 5-6 MB M class, about 10 Lexus RXs, two X5s, and tons of BMWs, american cars, Kias, Mirages, Echoes, and the like.So you should expect a lot of compliments and questions.
I go back to PR every 6 months or so and enjoy it every more and more every time. Spent a day snorkeling in Culebra, what an incredible experience.Horseback riding in Yauco, partying in Parguera, etc,etc.
A note on the side: Man is it crowded! (carwise). Unreal traffic everywhere.
Me despido, saludos a todos los boricuas que visitan este portal.
Hi Tito MDX and everybody!
This is my first post and I am glad to see another guy from Puerto Rico who uses this site as a source of information. I have been reading messages since October, 2001 and have learned a lot. At present I have a deposit on a 2002 Starlight Silver Touring MDX since October 23, 2001 at Acura de Puerto Rico (although I may consider the base model, which is heavily loaded as it is). Curiosly my salesman is Gustavo Bernard and have to agree with you that so far everything has been nice. I did not have your luck to find my ride so fast. Probable delivery date is October 20, 2001!!!! By the way I live in Trujillo Alto and see an MDX every now and then but they are not as frequent as Lexus RX300, ML 320 or BMW X5. Hope to soon becoming another member of the big Acura MDX family.
Greetings from Puerto Rico!!!!
Upps, sorry

Previous post should say: Probable delivery date November 20, 2001. Guess I'm desperate to drive that fine car!!!
i was just in san juan (isla verde, ocean park, condado) about 3 weeks ago. i saw several (or just the same one all over the place?) starlight silver mdx running around everywhere and a mesa beige. i think the silver would be perfect down there except for the ebony interior; the mesa beige is a better choice with the saddle interior. IMO.

my wife and i used to live there for 2 years. diving is nice on the northwest tip (rincon). southwest central (between ponce and mayaguez) is decent; make sure you see the phosphorescent bay when down there. drive over to the eastern tip and take the $2.00 ferry to culebra. diving is muy bueno over there. of course, the usvi are great also for diving.

my pig wife (loving jealous tone) is going back right after thanksgiving for 6 days (work-related for 2 days). something about airfare being cheaper with a saturday stay :eek: ;) :rolleyes: i have to stay with the kids while she is off partying and soaking up the rays in the beautiful island of PR.
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You have a point with the saddle vs. ebony interior because we essentially have summer all the year in PR. But I prefer ebony since I believe will last longer and masks spots better than saddle, but that's IMO. I don't do scuba diving but agree with you that we have beatiful beaches on the island. If you like scuba diving you should plan a trip to "Isla de Mona", a little island between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic (you can get there by boat or by airplane). There you should see spectacular reefs. Culebra is a beautiful small island to the east of PR, as well as Vieques (lot of controversy due to the US Navy opositors as you may have heard). In terms of the MDX I have seen some but they are not as common as the Lexus RX300, BTW I test drove one RX300 and it is a fine SUV but I think it is too small when compared with the MDX. The X5 is very popular here in PR but it is way too expensive. Here in PR we have to pay duty charges, and more on luxury vehicles, which increase the price well over MSRP. For example:

MDX Base approx. $46,500
MDX Touring appprox. $50,500
Lexus RX300 starting from $45,000 (Base 4X2 model)
MB ML320 approx. $50,000
BMW X5 3.0i approx. $60,000!!!!

That is proof that MDX'ers in PR really love their machines :)


Greetings from Puerto Rico..... MDXpower
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I'm not alone! :p Even though I am seeing more and more MDXs in Puerto Rico I thought that I was the only one member from the Island or, I would say, the Caribbean or... well, I'll stop there. ;)

MDXpower, I see that you live in Trujillo Alto. I can say that you are almost my neighbor and probably you've seen my beautiful MDX moving around at some time. I live in Rio Piedras, specifically at La Sierra del Rio which is close to Trujillo Alto. Mine has the liscence number with the word "EGG". Probably you'll get yours with the word "GEE" or "GGX" but hopefully you will not get the letters "XXX". By the way, November 20 is just tomorrow! So please be patient and get some sleep tonight (try counting the jumping MDXs). :D

My question is, are there more Puertoricans accessing this site? Maybe this could be the start of a local club (not like the ones that the "cocolos" form for low-riders-oriental-made-cars). :rolleyes:

Saludos from the Caribbean! :cool:

Tito MDX
Hi TitoMDX

Yep, that's right, we are almost neighbors. I live at a walk-up complex called Parque Terralinda, near Encantada. Well Gustavo Bernard told me that a lot of MDX's will be coming tomorrow to the dealer but I don't want to make illusions to avoid dissapointments!!! Anyway my delivery date is very close ;-).
I also hope my license plate will not read "XXX". If it only read "MDX" will be nice :). From now on I will check every Mahogany MDX (not many) in the Metro Area for a license plate "EGG". It will really be nice if we can create a MDX Club here in PR. We are 2 now!!!!! ;-) Meanwhile I'll try to get some sleep (if my 19 days old baby girl permits it!!!!) and pray in order to get my MDX tomorrow.... Keep in touch TitoMDX, you are not alone, not anymore!!!!!

Greetings from Puerto Rico!!!

I will ferry my MDX back and forth every time I go visit my folks in Ponce. Yeah right! I wish. I have to rent a beat up Mitsubishi Galant every time I go, and the last time the car was leaking oil all over. The time before that (different company) they charged my credit card $200 because I supposedly stealed the spare tire and jack. I just couldn't believe it. After numerous heated conversations, they dropped the charges but decide to charge me for a tankfull of gas (of course, I filled before returning the car). They just wanted to make some money, I guess. PR es mi tierra y la adoro pero esas son las cosas que no lo dejan progresar.

Well enough complaining. Happy to see some more boricuas out here!Ill just wave goodbye every time Im visiting there and I see one MDX :D
Saludos rlm32!!!

It seems there are a lot more boricuas in here than I thought. How nice!!! Una pena que te intentaran cobrar extra pero esas son las cosas que pasan en este país!!!

Delivery date TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow is the day. I can hardly wait. My wife and I opted for a 2002 Black/Ebony Base MDX. Negotiating to include Moonroof visor, rear mudguards, wheel locks, side steps. All that for $48,000.00 plus insurance (Jesus!!!! those [email protected]#n duty charges!!!!).

2002 Black/Ebony Base MDX delivered!!

At last!!!! Took delivery of my 02' Black/Ebony MDX and I'm thrilled. The whole process went smoothly at the dealer. Got moonroof visor and rear splash guards also. Planning on running boards.... I'm part of the big MDX family now..... Yuuupi!!!!


P.D.: Sorry, no pics, no camera for now :-(. Considering buying one soon :).
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