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MDX Hybrid performance upgrades?

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I am loving the MDX hybrid and the way it drives. I gas up maybe once a week. honestly, sometimes I don't even remember when was the last time I went to the gas station.

The car performs very well and sometimes I am shocked at how quickly it picks up when trying to pass someone on the highway.

I wanted to know if there is anything out there that we could do to the hybrid to make it even faster? Like more powerful motors, ecu tune, etc.. I am still new to hybrids so I do not know if this will mess with the hybrid driving system. I also know that if there is opportunity to increase performance, gas efficiency will take a hit.

Don't get me wrong, the sport hybrid mdx is no slouch..

Any insight would be great! Thank you.
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I don't know if aftermarket has anything yet for the 3.0L gas engine on the MDX hybrid yet like ECU reflash, pulley, intake, header, or exhaust options? I would be surprised if Acura/Honda uses the extremely low volume 3.0L sh-sh-awd with any other vehicle for the North American market. You pretty much have 99% of the performance upgrades most of us would love to have to upgrade the 3.5L+9AT version. The previous gen MDX and RDX had pretty good aftermarket support with engine, suspension, wheels/rims, or brakes; but, it has pretty much next to nothing with the current gen MDX and RDX.

I would look into:
-Brake pads and/or rotors to reduce fade, initial bite, and stopping power
- lighter Rims to reduce mass for faster acceleration
- tires with lower weight, increased grip, better cornering/handling, improved stopping power
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