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MDX has too much suspension noise or is it me?

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I've got the silencer tubes put on and no longer have the metallic clunking when going over bumps but my suspension still makes a lot of noise over rough surface compared to my mom's Chrysler minivan. Dealer did not change the dampers but the sounds actually comes from all four wheels, louder in the front (same both sides). It sounds like tires hitting against the bumps, which makes me think that this is normal characteristic of MDX, and not due to suspension problems. MDX also feels like it vibrates a lot over rough roads, like it has really stiff suspensions, but they aren't all that great during cornering either. Is this somewhat characteristic of Honda's and Acura's? I'm thinking about test driving a demo sometime, but was curious to see what other people with previous experiences with Hondas thought about this. Otherwise, I think MDX is the best suv for the money. Thanks.
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dito here--

I was wondering if your referring to the thud noise. I agree with you. The clunks it makes when you go over bumps and bumpy roads. I went in to have it "fixed" once, but didn't do the job. When the front tires in a bump or a speed bump it sounds like it hits hard. I don't think it's a characteristic of the Honda. Between my parents and my sister they've owned 5 Honda's and I never noticed the clunking noise. I'm trying to ignore it and hope for a recall to get it fixed.

Same here

I've had mine in 3 times for this problem. First time was new damper's, second for the silencers, and third for new springs.

Just picked it up for the 3rd fix yesterday and the problem is still there. I am starting to wonder if this is a 'feature' of the MDX as well. I'm still not happy and I was thinking of getting a demo to try out as well.

This is definitely not a Honda trait, I have owned other Honda's. The reason I like them WAS because of the 'solid' and 'confident' but slightly compliant feeling over bumps. Rather than the soft feeling of typical American brands, typical Honda's have the solid feeling of typical European cars, but not so bone jarring.

I think that the MDX has this same solid feel, but it is accompanied by suspension noise, which does not instill confidence.
I think the stiff suspension is causing the the noise to happen.
When it is only me in the "X", the suspension seems to be very
stiff and loud, but when there is me, plus 3 other passengers,
the MDX seems to ride quieter and smoother. At first, I thought
the stiffness was caused by too
much air in the tires, but all 4 tires are showing cold psi of 32.
Well, glad to know that I'm not the only one who thinks that way. I just wasn't sure since this is my first Acura/Honda. My MDX is in for service today, so hopefull things will be better. But I'm not expecting too much either. Will let you know.
So my dealer is going to replace both front struts next week when the parts comes in. Hopefully, it'll make things better. Has anyone had this done and worked for them? I know few posts months back from people with the "thud" problem who has had their struts replaced. I wonder if they got their problems fixed.
Let us know how it goes, I had that work done, but it didn't help me. However, my struts were replaced a few months ago, so maybe Acura has a proper fix now.
Got both of my ft struts replaced. Ride is firmer but not much change in terms of noise over rough pavement (may be little quieter but might just be me thinking that). I'm convinced now that this is normal characteristic of MDX (but not rest of Acura?). Doesn't bother me too much since I have my radio on most of the time, but it is reassuring to know that nothing is wrong with my suspensions. Considering that the ride is pretty smooth, I'm thinking that Acura didn't do such a good job of eliminating the road noise. Hopefully better insulation in 2002 helps. I'm also wondering if the tires on MDX's are particularly noisy. I won't know until I change them to something else I guess. BTW, I'm very impressed with the general service I've recieved from Acura.
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