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Hi, I joined the forum to learn as much as I can about the 3rd gen MDX. I have always appreciated Honda vehicles, and have owned many.

White 1885 Prelude SI
Blue 1986 Accord LX
Silver 1991 Accord SE
Inza red pearl 1997 Acura CL
White 1997 Acura CL
Slate 2005 Odyssey EX

Hopefully will be adding a Graphite 2014 or 2015 MDX Technology package AWD.
I have heard from Honda friends that there are some coolant calcification issues watch out for, and also wonder about airbag recalls. Thats just one of the reasons that I came here. Then I saw the complaint chart on the 1014, and realize I need to study!
The MDX looks like a perfect replacement for my Odyssey, and will also be looking to add a towing package so that I can pull an 18' Searay. The Odyssey has towed that boat wonderfully, and it has 141,000 mi with no real issues.

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