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I've read quite a bit on the threads and most of the comments on this site.
I've seen drivers side comfort issues mixed all through the other comments so I thought
I would start a thread that deals only with these issues.
I have a black(ext.) & tan {saddle} (int.) touring package without navigation.
We have around 800 miles on it. We love the handling and the looks.
Many driver's side comments deal with discomfort for men, I am 6'1", 220 lbs.

Here's what I've found:

Most comments do not take in to consideration that the MDX is over 4" wider
than anything else in its class.It bult this way for safety (less roll overs) and
for handling. This fact alone has a lot to do with the complaints.

Due to the width the door arm rests are a little hard to get used to. There is
a 2" gap between the seats and the arm rests. Very few people are used to
this, no matter what they drive.

The steering wheel is offset slightly due to the width. It is not that annoying
once you realize that. But it is a little quirky.

The seat itself is comfortable for long and short rides.

At first it seems that you cannot find the right distance to place the seat from
the steering wheel. You soon overcome this by pulling in a little closer to the
dash than you would expect. This is when you realize that you are not driving
a Yukon, Expidition or Sequoia. But hey, that's not what you bought is it?

Given this is your new found seat position, you realize that you cannot prop
your left elbow on the door( while steering) for very long because the door is
rounded and quite high. you may overcome this by adjusting the seat height.

Still in this position, the right side arm rest seems like it is just a bit
to far back from the steering wheel to comfortably rest that elbow while
steering for very long either.

You'll over come these "slouching" elbow issues soon enough by changing
your steering hand frequently.

Now comes what I have found to be the main problem. The steering wheel
doesn't tilt enough. It seems like it is just to vertical in any of it's limited range
positions. This causes wrist fatigue on a long drive. I'm serious! I think this is
the biggest ergonomic factor for a 6' tall man driving an MDX.
Now that Ive pointed it out... you'll see what I mean.

Ok, I admit if this my biggest problem then life is pretty good right?
I actually believe the reason the MDX is designed this way (seat position,
elbows, hand position,door heigth, etc.) is due to the overall safety design
of the vehicle.
The MDX is designed to be holding the steering wheel at "10 & 2" (just like
driving safety class teach you). Most of us Americans like to slough when
driving like we are in our Lazy Boys in front of the TV. So most likely,
a little improved posture while we are on the road won't hurt us will it?
If you are sportin' around town, none of these issues bother you because you
can sit up properly and drive like the MDX like a " SUV / Sports car" due to it handling and power.

So here's my solution, you (the man) drives it around town aggressively (and responsilbly)
and you wife drives it on the interstate for the long hauls! The driver's seat fits women
perfectly and they look real good sitting over there crusin' your new ride down the road.
This way you both get to show off your new MDX!

So don't worry about the driver's side ergonimics. It a tough life, but you'll get used to it.

Merry Christmas!

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As regards the hands at 10 and 2 driving position, this is correct for non-airbag equipped cars, but not for airbag equipped vehicles. Notice the 4 and 8 positions are surrounded by spokes on all airbag equipped vehicles? This is for the hands. Notice how the cruise and volume buttons have been moved to within reach of your thumbs? However, the most important reason for the change in hand position is because of the airbag. Imagine what happens to your hands and forearms if and airbag were to inflate. The hands would be forced off the wheel and up to your sides at great speed, possibly resulting in injury to the hand, arm or shoulder. If the hands are at 4 and 8, the airbag would inflate over your hands, resulting in your hands staying where they belong. Also, the driver's ergonomics are greatly improved in the the center console and left door armrests become useful. I really wish that the auto industry and even insurance companies would address this issue much better than they have.

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Reply to MDXJIM

Thanks for the information and the correction. All things considered, the "4 & 8" makes sense.
Your right, the auto industry and the insurance companies should be much more forthcoming with this information.
It seems that you agree with me that the overall ergonomic design is primarily based on personal safety.
Now that I'm getting used to driving my MDX (in fact, enjoying driving it) I have a new dilemma.
I'm not comfortable in the passenger's seat! I have tried every seat position combination and I still struggle to stay comfortable after 30 miles. I find I have to sit up like a soldier in order to fit properly on the seat.
I admit, this is the first new vehicle I have bought in 10 years, we traded in the '91 Explorer for the MDX. But I have rented several sedans for business over the last decade.
So my question is, are most (all?) 2000 / 2001 models so designed for safety that traditional comfort has been comprised?

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I really don't believe that my personal comfort has been compromised in the slightest. I have 4200 miles on my MDX, drive 90 minutes one-way to work each day, and am 6'2" and 225 lbs. This is the most comfortable vehicle I have ever owned. Again, I use the 4 and 8 driving position and have been doing so since my first airbag vehicle in '86 (Corvette).

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Hi Boomer!!

Hi Boomer!!

Thanks for the informative message. [and for pointing me to it!!] As far as I'M concerned - it seems rather silly for ME to have to adjust to a nearly $50,000 vehicle. [in Canada!] Before selling my MDX I thought about keeping it longer - to 'SEE' if I could 'get used to the seat'. Then, I thought, 'this is silly'. So I made a mistake and bought the MDX. No big deal. I already KNOW that plenty of OTHER 'cars' fit me just fine!! [especially the two I STILL own]

Yet another complaint I have about car seats [in general] is.... IF a person made a chair for a home and the left armrest was NOT even with the right armrest - most of us would 'see' that as a 'mistake'. [or a flaw in the design] YET - that's exactly how MOST car seats are designed. [or rather the armrests] One of the 'things' that makes my NSX so comfortable is the fact that BOTH armrests ARE the same height AND are wide enough AND low enough to comfortably rest my elbows. [just as 'they' SHOULD be] It puzzles me as to why ALL other cars are NOT designed this way.

As far as the steering wheel angle in the MDX is concerned - I think that TOO could be better. I steering wheel is angled AWAY from the driver. It's somewhat 'bus-like'. The Honda CR-V steering wheel is set up the same way.

Oh well.... Thanks Boomer.
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