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Just signed the contract yesterday for Black/Saddle with Base + Navi.

Expected delivery is in 2 weeks.

Wanted to prepare a checklist before pickup.

A few things people have mentioned.

1. Third row seat belt retainer clips.
2. Mis-aligned glove box.
3. Touch Up paint

Any other things I should check before
taking delivery.

This can part of FAQ for people to take
before delivery.



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All fluids are topped up.

Full set of keys and fobs (2) plus valet key

You can try to ask for touch-up paint, maybe you will get it free.

All manuals, owner's, Navi (if you have it)
warranty book, Road Care booklet, tire warranty, fat ball point pen with silver circles on the barrel. everything in a leather zip case.

Wheel lug key if you ordered wheel locks.

Any accessories you ordered are installed

Vehicle is clean

I wouldn't question LESS than 10 miles on odometer, (some would question more than one )

Paint is perfect

Check all switch functions and that Nav works. Lights, radio, CD player, seat functions and travel. All windows go up and down with ease.

No strange rattles when closing doors, hood or hatch.

Excess protection plastic removed from around doors and elsewhere in the vehicle.

Upholstery is free of tears, vinyl is not scratched, make sure navi screen is scratch free and clean (and microfiber cloth is provided in glove box/manual case)

tire pressures set between 32-35 psi.

spare is mounted under rear of vehicle.

all tire changing/jack equipment is there.

rack on top is secure and no one removed the antenna.

If 3rd row seats are folded, ensure the headrests are in the rear storage area.
and yes, the clips are on the belts.

windows are defect free; no distortion or defects.

Tell dealer if he doesn't see you again within 30 minutes, good bye.
drive vehicle a good half hour., noting any strange behavior, smells, or noises.
Try on smooth and rougher roads.
Make sure bumps are taken with ease.
No stumbling or erratic shifting at any times, no unusual brake sounds, and brakes feel secure and tight. (easy on them the first 200 miles).

Drive to some beautiful spot with your significant other for a great dinner, and as the sun sets stand by your MDX and yell yahoooooo! I got it!

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If you can, pick it up during daylight hours so you can closely inspect the paint and finish to make sure there are no obvious defects.
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