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Hi. I have a 2008 Acura MDX that was bought in Puerto Rico. It came with the USA Maps (White DVD). After a couple of weeks dealer called me to install a new White DVD (Only PR Maps) version 4.91P. While on Puerto Rico everything was ok and working fine with the NAV System.

Now I moved the MDX to the states and I bought a used 2013 USA Maps White DVD version 4.B1. I installed the new DVD and it downloads and upgrade the software / firmware / etc but when the NAV system reboots it keep saying that the vehicule is out of coverage data or something like that and no MAPS is available. If I go to the system information it shows that it has installed the 4.B1 USA Maps and also it says Version 2.20.

Before using the 4.B1 2013 USA Maps. PR Acura dealer gave me the original NAV DVD that came with the MDX. However when trying that one it came back with an error saying that the system already has a higher version already installed.

Any ideas? What I can do for the 2013 NAV White DVD version 4.B1 to start working. Can I do something or I need to get my car to a service station in order for them to fix my NAV system.

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