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Hi everyone,

I have a problem with my driver window beacuse of broken wires between door and cabin. I already ordered new one, but have to wait around 10 days.

Is there any posibility to close the window? I tried to connect all broken wires, compared colors with other side (driver door side) and it looks good (i hope) but I cannot close the window. I hear a click and the window goes down, but not up. Its quite dificult to use a car with window down... :/

I browsed some diagrams on internet but not sure if this one is from MDX. Its probably from Acura RL ~2010, but the place and color wires looks like power window motor plug from my car.

Any idea?

Also if someone know where I can find a full service manuall for MDX (i can even buy one) i really appreciate.

And... ;) Sorry if this is a wrong place for that kind of topic please move it.


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