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Hello everyone !
I'm excited to join the club ! Previously i owned 2 Honda Accords vehicle (2002 Accord V6 sold at 180k miles several years ago, 2006 Accord V6 at 90k miles), and has been looking for an SUV as a replacement and found the used MDX to be the best option in term of utility and hopefully reliability ! I was looking at the Toyota highlander, honda pilot, and found that for <10k usd 3rd row SUV, their prices are quite similar. I'm biased towards Honda vehicle (seems like they're more generous in terms of Belt and Whistle than Toyota).
My initial feel: The MDX is pretty easy to drive, coming from a Sedan. While it doesn't look that big from the outside, the inside is quite spacious :) More spacious than a Highlander. The outside look sleeker than a Honda Pilot.

Unfortunately, the MDXs where I live are not easy to find, and they're quite over-priced compare to large metropolitan area so I got one with a higher price than KBBs private value for its condition. Found some better deal (5k-10k lower milage with same price, and probably better condition, and possibility be able to knock a few hundreds off the advertised ad) in the next state but it's a 4 hour drive and it's not easy to arrange for my friends to drive me there.

My MDX lost the key, so first thing I did was to take it to the Honda Dealer, got a new key for $200. Had the oil changed at Honda and did their "multi-point inspection". Since I didn't see any proof of this vehicle got its timing belt and water pump replaced, I'm now putting it in the shop to replace the timing belt. The car body doesn't look bad but it does have some imperfections. The sparing wheel is missing and at the spot that rear wiper is attached to the hatch, there is a small hole that I think will need to be sealed to prevent water from getting in the hatch and ruin the electronics. So could you guys advise me whether i can just use gorilla tape to put over that hole ? I was wondering if I can get a full size spare for the MDX 2006 ? or should I stick with the compact spare, or none at all ?
Hopefully it won't cost me too much to get the car running smoothly and reliably, and look "reasonably nice" :)

Thank you
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