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I bought both a 2011 MDX and a 2015 RDX from Libertyville Acura in suburban Chicago.

Earlier this year, the dealership was sold to the McGrath organization.

So far, my dealings with the new dealer are unsettling. There seems to be too few people in the service department. Not only employees, but customers, as well. In the past, the waiting room had five or six customers -- now, it's one or two. The long-time service manager, who was held in very high esteem, is gone.

Some of the older, established sales consultants are gone, as well. Several of the new ones are in their early twenties.

Plus, the cars on display all feature the highly stylized options that make the car look very sporty. It makes me wonder if they still care about older, reliable customers.

Has anyone out there had experience with McGrath?
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