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Marne's Big White pics

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As requested (be careful what you ask for!), here are some shots of the new 'X, goodies to be added and the environs.



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The Goodies, part 1 (parts 2+ awaiting receipt of shipments...)

Wine prizes to whoever can accurately identify the most stuff!



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Garage right

Note the Zaino stuff in the upper right


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Zaino detail (!)

A closer look...


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Garage left

If you're still here, you must have a lot of time on your hands!

Note the wood-tone wine cellar behind the hood of the bimmer. There's about 200 bottles in there.



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I have no time, but who can deny free wine? :D

Dynamat, cargo cover, toolbox, cat, rear deflector, sunshade, tow hitch, BSMs, ski racks (stop by on the way up we live 1 hour away!), subwoofer, wood shift knob, and symmetrical yellow things with a handle that you can put together.

Do I win? :D

Rob :cool:
Free Wine!!!?? Who can argue with that as an insentive to play. Work can wait a few more minutes.

cat, snow Z-chains, rear tailgate deflector (color matched), floor tire stops (the yellow thinngs), cargo cover, RAZO bulbs, convex mini-mirrors, sunshade, Body side moldings, Pioneer Subwoofer, ski racks, front air deflector (bug guard), wood shift knob, sticker, tow hitch, window shade, cargo net.

Would love to visit to pick up my prize:D
Hopefully I'll have better luck w/your contest than I do w/Tim's :)

Snow chains
Cargo cover
Xenon bulbs
mini-mirrors (convex)
Tow hitch
Morton LeChat (age 15)
atop the CargoLiner, in its bag I think
Seperation net
Painted rear deflector
Window shade
Front/hood deflector
Painted body-side moldings
Ski Rack/Attachment
Yellow deals are those "parking helpers" so you know when to stop
Shift knob
.org sticker

Dynamat, cargo cover, toolbox, cat, rear deflector, sunshade, tow hitch, BSMs, ski racks (stop by on the way up we live 1 hour away!), subwoofer, wood shift knob, and symmetrical yellow things with a handle that you can put together
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org. sticker,floor stops-yellow, subwoofer,bsms,wind deflector,
rear painted deflector,bike rack, mini-mirrors, upgraded bulbs,
c.go cover, c.goliner, separation net, window shade, bike rack,
shift knob, sunshade, snow chains, tow hitch, meow, aftermarket navi system?
Hot Dog, you folks are good!

Wow, I'm impressed. MarkC, TheWorm and JIMDX got nearly all of it, with Robyjo close behind. TheWorm has a slight edge for very correctly identifying the animate object in the photo, and for having the fewest incorrect answers. That earns him a bottle!

For the other folks, let's have tie-breaker!

There is no tow hitch in the picture. (That'll be in Parts2 or Parts3!) So what is the true identity of the item that everyone is calling a tow hitch?

Note that there are two things which NOBODY has correctly identified. (To me, neither one of them looks like a tow hitch. Go figure!)

Tick, tock!

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Fender Flares!

Am I a weiner?:p
Sadly, yes

Sorry, Oscar -- you don't pass mustard.


The 2 unidentifiables have me stumped!
Are either of them a portable compressor?
I'll stop now so I don't jeopardize my free bottle :)

I'm gonna show TheWife a pic of your Zaino and detailing stash -- she thinks I'm the only one with a garage cabinet that looks like that!


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Whew....your garage is waaaay too organized! :eek:

Seriously...nice pics. Don't forget to post some more when you get all the goodies installed.
Well, it looks like Worm does have better luck in these contests than in Tim's.

I was soooo close.:eek:

So, what I thought was a tow hitch may be the Separation Net or probably the bike rack/carrier.

What is Morton sitting on anyway?:confused:
Are those cabinets "custom built-ins"?
Is there a big screen hiding behind those doors?

I would love to have that degree of organization or at least the ability to hide everything behind doors.

Love that Zaino stash!!!
Marne -- where'd you buy the Zchains? I need to get some for our Tahoe trips. Maybe Tim can carry them :confused:

BTW, is there one of those window-breaking hammers in there?
Most auto parts stores will carry the Z-chains. I have the same version for my 'X. Actually, they were the same chains from my Exploder.

Haven't had to use them on any of my trips to Tahoe, but I always carry them just in case.

I bought mine at Winchester Auto stores in Saratoga, but I'm sure Kragen or Napa or Pep Boys would carry them.
Thanks, Mark!
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