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Many Thanks!

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Picked up my 2002 MDX (GG/Touring) yesterday after an 8 1/2 month wait(!).
Want to take the time to thank those who helped make this blessed event a reality:

Thanks to ACURAMDX.ORG and especially all the posters who have provided valuable information and invaluable humor to someone enduring "the wait". I've been poring over this site almost daily and it reinforces my faith in the Internet community.

Thanks (of course) to Tim at Ordered my splash guards and fender flares earlier this week and they were waiting for me when I came home from the dealership. Spent my friday evening putting the stuff on and it was the most fun I've had without drinking beer in a long time.

Finally, thanks to Chris at Acura of Peabody for his honesty and professionalism (two words you don't often hear when speaking of car salesmen). I paid MSRP with NO forced options. I went to other dealers closer to home and heard the usual song and dance about being able to get my vehicle in 3 months if I would take their "luxury package" ($4000 in add-ons I didn't need). I couldn't bear to enter into an exchange of this type on principal alone. My dealer shot straight from the start, even when I jokingly offered a "bribe" to get bumped up the list, his reply was that it woudn't be fair to the others already waiting and it wouldn't reflect well on the dealership. Exactly.

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Congratulatoins on you new 'X. I am quite surprised that the wait is so long over in the NE area. I think Boston probably has the longest waits for the 'X. The wait times in CA have come down significantly.

Do post your pictures.
Maiden Voyage (including seasickness)

Took the 'X out for it's first ride down to Providence with the wife and kids. Great acceleration and passing power. Very good cornering for something so large. Stereo (Touring/Bose) was so-so. Wife complained that it wasn't as stable as Daddy's Mercedes (she does this with everything I drive). All in all it was a nice drive, until my 21-month-old son PUKED all over the back of my seat on the way home! I knew I should have ordered the all-season floormats from Tim! All was eventually cleaned up and forgotten. It was an experience...
Another Happy Customer! - Just in Time for Winter

I too just picked up a SS w/ NAV (no touring) in the Boston area after waiting almost 9 months (deposit placed on a 2001 on April 9). Kudos to Claire Acura for their professionalism. No forced options and a fantastic financing rate. Fast prep time as well.

Some brief first impressions after 2 days and 340 miles:

The navi is unbelievable! The accuracy, interface, scrolling map and spoken directions that automatically mute the stereo (my 2-year is convinced their is a woman under the dashboard telling me how to drive) make for an incredible high "gee-wiz" factor. I originally ordered the vehicle w/o navi, but added it based on the comments posted here - and needless to say I am very glad I did. I originally thought $2K was extravagant for this option, but it really transforms the whole driving experience. My wife was skeptical at first and but is now a believer. I drove to my office last night in downtown Boston - and it accurately navigated through the ever-changing roadways of the "Big Dig" (the largest highway construction project ever undertaken at $15B and counting) without missing a beat! The combination of GPS, gyros, and "snapping" to streets seems to place the location of the car to within a few feet. Astonishing.

Aesthetics-the way it looks and the the conspicuous looks I get from other trying to figure out what I am driving
As stated, the navi is the holy grail for gadget freaks like myself
Base stereo (especially w/ a CD) is not bad at all, given my low expectations from reaction to both the base and the bose stereos
Seats-very comfortable
The beep (although sometimes almost inaudible) to indicate the doors are locked
The extra 10 minutes you get (according to the manual) to accessories after the ignition is cut-off
The powerplant and tranny - smooth and powerful
The climate control (set and forget, almost)
The cargo space (especially w/ the 3rd seat folded down)

Said many time before and notices by my wife after about 2 minutes of driving - no dead-pedal (my 2-door Civic has a better one)
Relatively large gap between the top of the lift-gate and the roof. I haven't measured, but I can probably fit a finger in the gap. Is this factory spec or a possible defect?
Is it me or do passers-by on the highway slow down as they pass along side to size up what is still a relatively rare vehicle?
(Picky) No separate clock display beyond what it is on the navi
(Very picky) The LCD backlights on the climate control and the stereo don't match
(Quirk) Shares many of the same controls (turn signal, sun-roof control, lights) w/ my $14K Honda Civic (I guess if it aint broke don't fix it)
Trying to vary the speed during the break-in period (70 mph seems to be the sweet-spot.
Lack of accessories - though I'd wait to see what the dealer would throw in - this dislike is easily rectified.

All in all a marvelous vehicle - and as said before - well worth the wait.

Thanks to all for the MDX education and helping to endure the wait.
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Congratulatins on your new 'X. You have ecoed the experiences others on the forum had about the 'X. It's undoubtedly an excellent vehicle, but it does have it's drawbacks. I am quite impressed with what I got for my money's worth.

And yeah, the Navi system is just awesome. I love it better than any feature on my 'X.

Congratulations once again, and welcome to the club.
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