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Manik Side Steps

3" polished stainless tube steps from California Auto Trends, Inc (Nord-leth), Irvine, CA
Frank 1-800-500-2404 $367 per group discounts avail. They already sell at 25% off.

Custom fitted for Acura MDX

EZ self install. Fits MDX pre-drilled holes. All bolt on.

Both ends taper back toward the side of MDX and NOT up, as picture might indicate.

Steps are slightly adjustable and have approx 1/2" of play in brackets for those who want to extend the steps further away from the sides of the truck for more door ding protection.

Drove to Irvine, purchased and installed in one day. Shots were taken late in the day. I'll add better shots later.

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* Notice the sticker!! No, the happy face is NOT on my car. :)

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Cool! Looks good. I'm happy to see some third-party accessories for the MDX. Now if only someone would make a nice A-bar for the front ...
Thanks again for the pics...can u let us know how big the gap is betw the bar and the body (baby feet)?

If you want the chrome look, this is it.

DMor can you measure from the bottom door edge to the outer edge of the bars? Also the gap between the step and the body? They look to stick out farther than the Acura side steps and the gap looks like a foot can slip easily through. And if someone can give the same measurement for the Acura steps?

(PS DMor, Where's those painted flares!?:D)

Looks Great DMOR! :cool:

I'm going to have to reconsider not getting sidesteps/running boards. I think these would look great against my chrome rims and Nighthawk Black paint! :)

And to think I was done adding stuff!, now I'm going to have to find $367! ;)
wmquan said:
Cool! Looks good. I'm happy to see some third-party accessories for the MDX. Now if only someone would make a nice A-bar for the front ...
Manik has brush guards for the MDX. Check out their website at No pics are avail, but the general style is featured on other SUVs.

TheWorm said:
Thanks again for the pics...can u let us know how big the gap is betw the bar and the body (baby feet)?
I will take a shot later with a shoe/ruler, so you can get an idea of size. The gap is approximately 3" but tough to measure since the body of the MDX rolls under. The brackets welded to the bar that hold the bar to the MDX are very sharp and could probably be filed down. I didn't file them because I'm not expecting to load kids on a routine basis. But it is what it is. Could a little one get their foot caught or slip through? "Yep" Is it a hazard? "Eh...they usually deal with playground equipment and other unpredictable things all day, so I'm not sure I'd worry about it since this a "predictable" obstacle. In addition, the front of your foot is usually the major contact, and the angle of entry would make it pretty tough to fall through. But kids are capable of anything. Otherwise...I might knock the edge off the brackets and be good to go. I probably would not hesitate because of kids. If they're old enough to climb in unassisted....they'll probably be OK. But I would file the brackets to knock off the edge. THEN you've only got the under roll of the MDX and the roll of the bar and no sharp edges. Hope this helps.

I'm liking these bars more everytime I look at them. ;)
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Where are the other pics?

Steps look great but how come no pics of you installing them so we could all see how it's done. The forum is waiting for your Mrs. Goodwrench instructional photos.;);)

Really nice - they look like they belong on your MDX, DMor.
More importantly, they look like they belong on my MDX too - I just ordered a set from Frank! :D:D

Thanks for being our pioneer/guinea pig, and we'll look forward to those installation shots! :)
More Manik Pics.

The end caps are rounded and black...very nice. They look great with the stock splash guards and curve back into the truck. They definitely look like they belong on the MDX, as they should, since they were made for it.

I took several shots with a paint stick marked out in inches. I hope this helps those interested in size, etc. I used one of my shoes for comparison. I step over gotta get used to getting in and out...but they look soo coool who cares?

Kit comes with 8 bolts...16 washers and 8 nuts. Also has a few screws...10 or so, which attach the brackets to the underside of the MDX. Not much hardware and a very easy install...I didn't even need my blue wig...but the shorts help if you have to borrow neighbor's tools. :D

You can paint the bolts and 1/2 the washers BLACK and you won't notice them. Don't paint the rest black as they are against the stainless.

Grab the lounge chair cushion to lay on while installing. Also supports step nicely. When you're done...add lounge chair and choice refreshments! :)

**Updated** Instructions are EZ & straight forward. They also say there is a sticker on the driver's side step. Your steps might not have a sticker (either). Install the steps so the longest part of the chrome points toward the front of the vehicle. That's LONG in front...SHORT in back. ;)

You will need a ratchet wrench with only two standard sized attachments: 3/4 & 10mm. The 3/4 tool housed in the Jack Holder (in the cargo area) is a perfect tool to hold the nut while tightening.

Don't tighten anything 'til steps are (loosely) in place. Tighten mounting brackets (to MDX frame) first, then tighten rear support bracket. You will find quite a bit of play in the step and can adjust up/down, in/out 1/2" or so. It helps to have someone hold the step in place while tightening.

If anyone is concerned about "pinging" as indicated in the past...I would imagine you could remove one of the end caps and slide one of those "pool toy" nerf sticks in there...but haven't tried that one. :)

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7/01 update...These are actually installed backwards. It gets BETTER on the second page! :D

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Great pics...really do look sharp. A little disappointed we didn't get a pic of the blue-haired handywoman filling the shoes :(
Excellent Pics DMOR.

The MDX looks great. Those side steps definitely give a good match to the wheels and door handles.

RE; Baby Feet: I have the Acura side steps on mine and my 2 yr old has no problem climbing onto them and into the MDX. I don't worry about her slipping through as she would have to come in at an unnatural angle. So far no problems.

Thanks for the pics.
Great shots - the shorts wouldn't get me anything from my neighbors, except maybe another call to the police...

Hey, should we start a fund to buy DMor a ruler? :)

My steps arrive midweek, I can't wait!
those look great!!! I ordered mine over 6 weeks ago and I still haven't got them!!
Hey, can the brackets be shortened so that the side steps fit closer to the body of the car? That is my only visible objection to the Maniks.


DBirch said:
Hey, can the brackets be shortened so that the side steps fit closer to the body of the car? That is my only visible objection to the Maniks.


First of all...I'm not sure.

Revisit the picture where I have my running shoe behind the measuring device. You can see the stainless piece integrated into the bar itself. This piece has two bolts and 2 holes, which are both visible in the picture. You might be able to have these enlarged (oval) so you could slide the bar a little closer to the vehicle. This is just a guess and I don't know what is required to cut through .25" of Stainless...but anything is probably possible. You might want to contact FRANK at the 800# posted in this thread...or contact Manik directly. It's possible that they could customize a pair for you or modify the brackets themselves. It appears doable though.

But after investigating...I installed the passenger side about .25" closer than the driver, I'll have to readjust them. We were just TOO EXCITED to get those babys on!!! :)
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