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Man I hate this Forum

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What to know the reason why?

Because I dont have my MDX yet and I have all these Ideas running in my head. Mp3 player, dvd entertainment, lots of other things, and my car has not arrived, I keep on doing searches on this great site for things I want to do, and the answers are there!! I dont have my car to do it on, argghhhhh. I think the next 3-4 weeks will be murder, since I know I will be looking and looking at the search results and waiting and waiting. I just got off the phone with my saleman asking how much longer. He assured me no later than mid april, argggh not soon enough.

Im so glad I found this place! All of you from your posts sound like a great bunch, now where is my MDX arghhhh( I sound like a pirate)
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Been there, felt that

I just wanted to say that I walked the same path you both are walking now. (I've had my Red Rocker 188 for 1 week!)

This is how I got through it.
1.) Researched what accessories I wanted to buy.
2.) Downloaded installation instructions from Tim's site.
3.) Every week I ordered a bunch of stuff from Tim. (BSM, wood shift knob, wood meter trim, etc.) I felt like I was getting the MDX one piece at a time!
4.) Printed out installion tips from members of the board. (An absolute must!) Study them so that you can install them with your eyes closed!
5.) Bury yourself in your work!
6.) Bug your salesman only once a week. Remind him only to install the stuff you agreed to. (Nothing else!) You don't want to be surprised.

Good Luck!

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My heart was set on one and only one combo: Red Rock 188.

The one I bought was the FIRST Red Rock that I ever saw. As many owners say, the pictures don't do it justice!

The final two weeks before the purchase were terrible! I was trying very hard not to think about it too much!

Now that I have the car and most of the accessories are installed....

I work from home. Which means that I spend my spare time poking my head into the garage and staring at my lovely MDX! I'm like those guys you see on commercials that use any excuse to go to McDonalds. Only I just want to drive my MDX!

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