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Man I hate this Forum

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What to know the reason why?

Because I dont have my MDX yet and I have all these Ideas running in my head. Mp3 player, dvd entertainment, lots of other things, and my car has not arrived, I keep on doing searches on this great site for things I want to do, and the answers are there!! I dont have my car to do it on, argghhhhh. I think the next 3-4 weeks will be murder, since I know I will be looking and looking at the search results and waiting and waiting. I just got off the phone with my saleman asking how much longer. He assured me no later than mid april, argggh not soon enough.

Im so glad I found this place! All of you from your posts sound like a great bunch, now where is my MDX arghhhh( I sound like a pirate)
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Patience, young padwan. Breath deep. Visualize your MDX. It will come....
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