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I have a 2011 MDX (~56,000 miles) and have stopped going to the stealership for service. I have been going to an independent mechanic, but really just for oil changes and tire rotations whenever A1 and B1 pop up, then changing out air filter and cabin filter myself if service 2 pops up.

I had to tow the MDX to the stealership a few weeks ago due to the car not starting and an airbag warning popping up. Turns out it was just a dead battery, but they did their multipoint inspection and gave me a whole laundry list of things I should take care of verbally over the phone. I wasn't sure which items were legit or not and only took care of the battery at the time. On the print out, they only put brakes as a red item, then fluids as a yellow item. They haven't responded to several inquiries on which fluids triggered the yellow warning. I'm having my local mechanic change out my brake pads and rotors (and brake fluid flush), but also wanted to take care of any other fluids. Any recommendations on what I should be changing/flushing out? I don't remember if transmission fluid was one of the items the advisor rattled off to me on the phone.
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