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maintenance required light

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How do I turn off that maintenace light?

I have tried holding the select and reset buttons at the same time. It just beeps forever and the light stays on. What am I doing wrong?
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What's your mileage??

I don't have my MDX (yet), but i'm assuming it's the same mechanism as on my Integra (and on all Hondas/Acuras). As far as I know, you can't turn off the light yourself. It's programmed to turn on when it's time for a scheduled service. (15K, 30K, etc. or whatever it is for the MDX). Unless there's some trick I don't know of, only the service mechanic can hit the switch to turn that light off when the service is done.

But if anyone knows how to circumvent turning it off w/o taking it in for service, PLEASE DO TELL! I'm due for a 90K service on my Integra, but since I'm about to trade it in anyday now when the X comes in, I'm not about to pay the $550 to have it done :D
Take another look at the owner's manual. I don't have one handy, but if it works like the TL, it comes on every 6K miles unless it's reset when you have service. As I recall, you have to press the two buttons before you start the car, and keep them pressed while you start it and hold them until it goes out - 10 seconds maybe. Like I said I don't have a manual in front of me so I might be a little off here, but I've reset our TL every time it comes on. I can't imagine that the TL could be done by the owner, but the X couldn't.

Good luck!
Ghotie's got it right, you can turn this light off yourself (but don't forget to do what it's telling you)! You have to hold the two buttons in for a pretty long time, but it works.

And this is written up in the Good Book, p 68...
THANKS Ghotie!!! I Just reset my light, no problem.

I pressed both buttons, then turned the key on, and that was it.

Ghost, don't worry, the necessary service was done, about 1k ago. I have 15k now. No problems, great vehicle.
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