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Mahogany with flares,trim,hitch,cargo tray & cover

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I do not believe any one has posted pictures of a Mahogany MDX with touring package and the above mentioned accessories so here is a series of photos showing all of these items which may help many of you make selections for yourself. The first is a front view showing both the fender flares and lower trim pieces:

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The second is a close up of the rear fender flare to show the contrast between the unpainted grey color and the Mahogany color. Unfortunately the camera and light do not do justice to the color which is truly metallic in the bright sunlight:

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The third photo is a shot from the rear showing the trailer hitch and flares.

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For some of you, the saddle interior is actually two-toned which this fourth photo shows.

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Some of you may want to add the cargo tray and/or the cargo cover so this fifth photo shows them both with the third seats down.

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This next photo shows my very favorite cargo safely tucked under the cargo cover:D:D!

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For those of you that will be regularly using the third row seats, Acura did a neet design of having two positions for the cargo cover. I also rolled up the cargo tray to show how it can be put nicely behind the third seat.

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Here's the last photo showing a close up of the trailer hitch with the tongue piece partly inserted in the receiver. The hitch does not come with a ball since there are various sizes so you will have to get the right one for your trailer.

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Tray & Belts

Remery, I am currently waiting for a Silver/Base MDX and since we have a 2 yr old Black Lab we are interested in the Rear Cargo Tray. Your photo helps us quite a bit. It is a nice fit. My question is where do the rear seat belts go? I can not tell from the photos. We are concerned that our "Bad" dog will chew the belts.We are thinking of getting her a harness which we've seen on this site for travel but when we leave her in the car when we run into a store etc.. we are likely to leave her in the rear...also on return trips from beach swimming.
First send your dog to obedience school to break him of the chewing habit. Fortunately our Great Pyr does not chew. The rear seat belts fold up against the rear pillars, just to the left and right of the hatch opening. Since they fit fairly tight against the frame, I think your pooch might not be able to grap a hold of them. Also some sour apple spray on the belts or some other repellant might be another solution. The middle seat middle belt actually clips into a roof recess so Acura did what I think is a good design. Others may disagree but that's might thoughts.
Whoa! Very, very nice! Looks like flares and front trim for me! *Hubby cringing* :) Where's the Great Pyr?
Nice MDX

Very nice PICS!!

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DMor said:
...Where's the Great Pyr?
He doesn't want to be photographed until his bath next week cause in his current state he resembles a giant greyish QTip. Dingy dogs don't get to ride in brand spanking new MDXs!:D:D
Nice truck!

Very nice remery... good choice of colour :) I'm still vacillating on the lower trim and the flares, and if I did add them, whether to paint them Mahogany... your pictures will definately help me decide.

I used to own a Pyr too when I was a teen, great dogs... but boy do they slobber a lot -- let's see some pics with him in there :)

Best of luck and enjoy the new wheels.

All right, Rem! I was waiting to see your machine - awesome! And green grass, what a concept! The trailer hitch looks pretty beefy, making me think I should buy a good sized boat to tow along. :cool:!!!
Re: Nice truck!

Rail said:
I used to own a Pyr too when I was a teen, great dogs... but boy do they slobber a lot -- let's see some pics with him in there :)
My vet surgically removed some of the extra folds in our Pyr's jowl to remove the trough that saliva flows out. As a result, we have a Pyr that doesn't drool so we can take him in the MDX without a worry.
Glad you liked my new wheels
nice pics

Nice pictures Remery, just curious, did you take them with a Sony Digital Video camcorder? Hows the mileage going?

I took the pictures with a Sony digital camera with autofocus that I borrowed from the office. The pictures aren't that sharp but it could have been me or the camera, don't know. Close ups are better than from a distance. On the positive side it was simple to use and the pictures were recorded on a 3.5" floppy. I think the camera is a few years old so there is probably something better and cheaper out now.

As for mileage. Glad you asked because I was going to PM you. First tank full and 207 miles got 17.3 mpg while the trip computer showed 15.8 mpg and 22.7 mph average speed. I am assuming the trip computer was off because this was the first 200 miles on the vehicle. I alway reset the trip odometer with each fill up so I have accurate mileage to compare calculated mileage with what the trip computer says. This was about 40% highway driving so as I have mentioned to you before, now I have some evidence you may have a problem with your vehicle.
I just spoke to a guy from work, he said that a friend of his picked up an MDX this past weekend, actually he said it was his friends wifes car. That wouldn't be you would it? His name is Tod Willson.

My mileage is still lousy, I'm thinking maybe it's just cause I'm in the city, I'm averaging now about 13 mpg, and 17 on the highway.

Forgot to mention!

ghost said:
The trailer hitch looks pretty beefy, making me think I should buy a good sized boat to tow along. :cool:!!!
The reason I took the picture with the tongue piece (it weights several pounds!) partially inserted is on my other 3 SUVs with trailer hitches, this piece was not provided. Just another example, in my opinion, of Honda's attention to detail.
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