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That's right! Take a look at your lug nuts. I noticed last week that mine are RUSTING. I took delivery 11/00 and within the first year my lug nuts are starting to rust out. Anyone else have this problem ... One word --- Cheap!:mad:
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I've seen this once or twice on TLs, but usually it's after a couple of winters. Can you post pics?
Are you guys sure it's not just brake dust stains and really rust? Our Honda never had any rust of the lug nuts after several years...:confused:
Pic's not a problem

Hey it's rust. I'll take a picture and post when I can. Don't have a digital and just put in a new roll into the camera. It will be several weeks.
Rusted Lug Nuts

I received my MDX in July, and I have already put 14,000 miles on it. The only problems I've encountered so far are the rusting of the lug nuts, and the repeated failure of the drivers side windshield washer nozzle to spray at all during cold weather. The passenger side nozzle works ok. Too bad I don't live in England instead of New England...

I'm having my 15,000 mile service next week - I'm sure that Acura will just replace the rusted nuts. But this shouldn't happen on a $40,000 vehicle.
Mine too

We FINALLY got some nice weather and I washed the MDX at home yesterday and noticed that my lug nuts had also rusted. Not all of them are rusted maybe 5 or 6 total. :( I might be able to get a picture up tomorrow.

Rusted Lug Nut Pictures

Here are some photos of the problem lug nuts.


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It looks like rust to me.:4:

Thanks for pictures dwawindsurfer. I got busy last week and didn't get a chance to put up pictures. My lug nuts look just like yours.

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