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Like Johnnyreb says below- I never had any tranny noise.

johnnyreb said:

I have 6500 miles on my MDX with NO TRANSMISSION NOISE in any gear. Sometimes it's hard to tell when the transmission shifts into higher gears (3rd, 4th and 5th). The MDX has the smoothest automatic transmission of any automobile I have ever owned. I have never noticed any "Transmission" noise at all. I think that if you constantly use 4th gear and don't let the transmission shift into 5th gear your mileage will suffer. To sum up, I don't think a "low frequency noise" in 5th gear is the norm for the MDX. At least it's not normal in mine. Could you be hearing tire noise? Sometimes at certain speeds and on different roads tires resonate at different frequencies causing noise and vibration. Just a thought and may not be true in your case.
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