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Everything I've needed help with so far I've been able to find here.

Bought a 2005 Base model with 241000 about a month ago as a second car that I could fit stuff in, teach a kid to drive in, and be a little more comfy for random road trip days. Love my little daily driver PriusC for mileage and parking, but sick or renting trucks to go to home depot and it's not great for long rides if you're stuck in the backseat. Work for a Toyota dealer, so naturally started out looking for a 4Runner or Sequoia, realized I wouldn't find one with a frame left for my price range unless I wanted to do a lot of waiting, looking on craigslist, and stalking the trade ins, saw this on the side of the road, saw it was super clean underneath, took it for a ride, and fell in love, even with a really bad wheel bearing and a little highway whine that the skeevy roadside dealer tried to pass off as the wheel bearing (If a dealer lets you talk them down by more than the problem costs them to fix, there's always a reason).

Put a wheel bearing in, got an oil change, drove it for a week, and got my inspection sticker (never let a dealer put an inspection sticker on a car for you without you driving it for a few days first - on a high mile car here once it passes inspection you have no recourse if the engine falls out).

Went to the junkyard, got a hatch handle and a cupholder spring for the minor irritations, aftermarket hood and hatch pistons because the factory ones were feeling a little tired on cold days, put in a fancy pants radio with nav and bluetooth and apple carplay (don't want any excuse for the spawn to ever take their phone out of the glove box when driving) and a backup camera, mostly just because amazon saw a sucker and it was only $25. Spent a few weekends fighting to get the backup camera to work properly. Still at less than the 3500 I initially wanted to spend. Realized one of the door locks doesn't work electronically so I'll be heading back to the junkyard soon again for an actuator. Except for the whine, it's super quiet and drives great. I'm having trouble wanting to drive my main car.

Actually thinking about driving it 3000 miles for holiday visits, but still a little nervous, since it's got so many miles and I haven't done any long trips in it yet. I think I'm going to get an actual Acura dealer to look it over first. Sure it's probably due for t-belt and fluids at this point, might as well get some prices and debate whether to diy/actual Acura dealer/guy at work.
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