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Hi everyone, so after looking through thsee forums and trying several fixes, I'm running out of ideas.

I have a 2003 base MDX with 185k miles and I have a really loud rattle / click sound upon acceleration at low rpm's or if going uphill. I replaced the sway bar end links, the outer tie rods and then the CV joints after reading through here, but that didn't fix it. Then I noticed an exhaust hanger near the front of the car was broken. Under that there is a chassis brace that is bolted to both frame rails with a total of four bolts. So I took it off thinking the exhaust was banging on it when I hit the gas. I drove up the street and sure enough, no more noise.

Here's where it gets weird. I then used a hose clamp to hold the exhaust up to the frame above it so it can't bang into the chassis support and then I bolted a very thing back together.... and the noise was back. So then I tried using the hose clamp to tie the exhaust DOWN to the this chassis support piece and that didn't cure the problem either. I did notice a small spot where it looked like the exhaust had contact with this piece but the dents looked small and rusted over, not fresh.

So whenever this chassis support piece is off, the noise goes away, when it's back on, the noise comes back. I inspected it and I don't see any other spots where it looks like it's contacting something else. The driveshaft isn't contacting it. So somehow could the brace be causing two other parts to be banging into each other? I'm completely stumped.

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