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Looking for So Cal Salesmen

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(Please note that this is my first post......)

I have a list of dealers in the Southern California area that I will be calling to get on their waiting lists. What I'm looking for is recommendations of who to talk to at these dealerships. (I hate just asking for whoever is free.)

For example, I got these names from this forum:
Acura 101: Scott or Sam
Acura of Pasadena: Michelle

Does anyone have other salesmen's names to add?

Much thanks!

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Cerritos: Mitch Franklin
Valencia: Joe Haile
Gold Coast: Jay Murphy
Pasadena: Nelson
Acura 101: Sam
My experience

Nelson at Pasadena.

I got my Redrock Pearl '02 Touring no-nav at MSRP, no forced goodies, in about 2 weeks.
Keyes Acura in Van Nuys

Talk to Prasan Patel (first name pronounced like "Preston" without the "T" = Pressin) at Keyes Acura in Van Nuys.
He delivered exactly what I was looking for within 10 days. No expensive extras; no dealer mark-up; no B.S.
Very straightforward and honest.
Chris Martinez Peyton Cramer Acura
A large selection, a fair price and no games.:)
Stacy Stayton, Metro Acura, Montclair. Very professional, took a little over 3 weeks from contact to delivery. Quite different then 3 and 1/2 months on Niello Acura, Sacramento list with no idea of when the car might come.
Thanks for all the responses! I sure love all the info this forums supplies.

Also recommend Stacey Stayton, at Metro in Montclair. Super upscale experience through this dealership.
Try South Bay (formerly Peyton-Cramer) Acura. They have many MDX's on the lot and treat customers fairly and honestly. Partially it's because Acura's headquarters is right there in Torrance, but they seem to epitomize how Acura dealers SHOULD treat their customers! The last time I was in both David Mackey and Mark Foroudi helped me. My wife and I test drove an RL, TL-S, and MDX and they took a lot of time to go through features, differences, and pricing with us. We bought an Integra GS-R from them back in '97 and the experience was top notch back then, too!

Perhaps the best benefit is that you could drive your MDX home at any time--NO waiting list!!
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