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Looking for auto door lock module

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I've got the touring package. I enjoy my factory key fob and don't want to replace either it, or the alarm system.

What I'm looking for is a module that can sense that the car is either in R, D5-1, and automatically lock the doors.

Does anyone know of such a module that can be integrated into the MDX?

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Re: door lock

frankjv said:
I have not seen any due to potential safety problems, like if a child or animal is left inside auto and accidently hits the gear shift lever, it would be a bigger problem to gain access into the auto. You might want to look for an autolock devise that auto locks the doors after going 10-15mph. That is what I had in my last auto.
What you describe would be fine with me. (It comes standard on my Toyota Avalon.) Did you add it to your last auto? (My guess is that it came with it too.)
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