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After joining last year and then not actually buying and MDX, first thinking about not buying anything, then an A4 to replace my wife's Honda, we saw a deal on a used MDX that we couldn't pass up - so we didn't. What a great vehicle. When looking at size, power, and efficiency, nothing else even comes close.

We picked up our new used Mahogany MDX Touring on Thursday and have been driving it all over the place. I have few questions I hope some of you can help me out with.

1. I'm not overly impressed with the Acura/Bose audio system (the speakers from Crutchfield that went into the stock holes in my old Cherokee sounded better), but what really got me was that when I was loading something in the cargo area and the radio was on, I heard vocals coming from the subwoofer! If I remember my audio setup correctly, this is not supposed to happen. Do I have a bad crossover that is really messing up the sound or is this somehow normal for this system?

2. It looks like the previous owner had some problems with the front rotors - had them resurfaced twice in 38k miles. Is this a common problem? Should I consider an extended warranty to cover myself in the future? If so from whom?

Thanks in advance for all your help.

Mark Komp
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