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Nevermind - I will delete this post if I am able. If I am not able, I will satisfy your curiosity. I un-linked my key from my MDX Keyless settings by pressing the lock/unlock buttons at the same time. Sort of accidentally. On the back of the remote it says to re-link the key by doing the same. I struggled for about an hour trying different combinations (plain old simultaneous button press, pressing and holding the Driver 1 button on the door while simultaneous button press, etc.) to get the key relinked but kept getting the message "Customization is not available until the key has been linked" something or other.

I typed up a post here to ask for help, went back out to my X to start trying more things, just simply started it up and the key was linked. I guess the MDX's brain just needed some time to process what was happening.

Nothing to see here! Sorry!
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