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Leather & Paint Care

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Just got my SS MDX 3 weeks ago.

After reading thru most of suggestions about which product to use on the leather seats, I believe top 2 are Zaino & Lexol, huh? and how long before you use these products or just follow the MDX manual and just use soft cloth dampened with clear water)?

How about on the paint? When is the first application of the Zaino stuffs (Z1,2,3,etc.) or since it is new, regular car wash stuff (turtle wax brand) is fine.

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Congrats Jan02! It's never too early to start detailing your MDX. Regarding your seats, try water and a soft cloth on one seat, then try Lexol or Zaino on the other seat. Let dry. Now tell me which one feels softer, smoother, better?

Regarding your exterior, get off whatever the dealer put on and start new with Zaino. That SS of yours will shine like there is no tomorrow and sheet off water like a duck's back.....not a turtle's.....heh heh heh...


What should I use to apply Zaino on the X? Is the electronic one safe? Or I should use something else to apply it? Thanks!

Oracle...hey, with your pseudonym I should be asking YOU for answers...:D

But if your asking if you should use an "electronic" applicator I assume you mean a random orbital.

You will find it actually quicker and easier to use a hand applicator for two reasons. The orbital applicator soaks up way, way too much polish that is both unnecessary (remember with Zaino, a little goes a long way) and expensive.

Plus, remember, you are not rubbing in the Aaino into the paint like you rub shoe wax into a shoe. Zaino poymers bond to the clearcoat and cross link with each other to form the bond on the surface. It's a lot easier to do this with a hand applicator.

The only time I would use an orbital is for true polishing, where I want to remove scratches, swirls, etc. before I reapplied Zaino.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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