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leather failure etc.

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Well this might be a topic that's been discussed before, but not in a while...and DEFINITELY NOT BY ME.

What's the general opinion of the durability of the leather seats?

I've noticed that in the creases that develop over time in the lower seat bolsters, the actual ebony color is flaking off! The creases are not bugging me, (they add character) just the fact that the undyed leather is starting to show through...nice, real nice.

This reaffirms my opinion that the leather is not tanned or dyed to the kind of standard one would expect on a $40K vehicle.

And while I'm on a rant, has anyone got any complaints regarding the incredibly non-scuff resistant plastic chosen for the interior panels?
My dash has permanent scuffs from LIGHT contact from a passenger's shoe while crossing her legs. The door panels have scratches from incidental contact with my FINGERNAILS (I'm a guy...and keep 'em trimmed short).

And of course we don't have to mention the disaster on the plastic where the seat belt buckle contacts the pillar when retracted! I can't imagine what kids could actually do to this car.

What were the Honda engineers thinking? My last vehicle, an '89 Dodge Caravan w/5-sp turbo (cool car) lasted 12 years in my care and had NO visible scratches AT ALL on the interior surfaces. That's value. And I could get 20mpg while towing my boat!

All this and more, but of course I knew that first year vehicles were something of a crap shoot, so I have no one to blame but myself for my impatience...still love the handling, performance, heater/ac, most of the looks etc...
mister c
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Beloved Dodge Caravan

Maybe, with perserverance, you can track down that Dodge and
flim-flam the owner into a straight across trade for your MDX
which you bought in a temporary lapse in judgment. Finger nail
scratches? C'mon, what is really bugging you?
...leather & vinyl troubles.

mister c........

We have two rambuctious dogs (one 70 lbs) that scramble in and
out and we shove a large carrying crate through a tight opening
and across the leather seats. I thought their toe nails would
certainly scratch something but so far the interior is mark free.
Of course we have only had the X for 8 months or so. Knock on
wood. I have used Lexol on the leather a couple of times and
Meguiars Vinyl and Rubber Protectant on other surfaces which,
if anything, are improving with age. The leather is beautiful and
it certainly hasn't been babyed. I wonder if different production
vehicles have different materials???

Anyway, I hope your interior troubles don't detract too much from
your enjoyment of this fine vehicle.
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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